Zhang Yuan: Melamine After The Age Of Dairy Development Strategy – Melamine, Dairy Products, Milk –

Zhang Yuan: Melamine After The Age Of Dairy Development Strategy – Melamine, Dairy Products, Milk –
I. Overview of China’s dairy industry

Dairy development is an important national symbol modernization of animal husbandry. In recent years, milk yield, Dairy Processing capacity and urban residents to maintain double-digit growth in dairy consumption Liang Jun, milk production scale, yield level and continuously improve product quality, dairy development has entered a sustained and rapid development track, a new growth point for agricultural development. National milk production in 2007 36.334 million tons, of which Milk Production was 35.252 million tons, 12.189 million cows on hand; national dairy enterprises 1644, in which medium-sized enterprises with more than 739 enterprise employees 22 million in industrial output value of 134.9 billion yuan dairy products; national annual per capita consumption from 1998 In less than 8 kg, increased to nearly 28 kilograms in 2007. That the rapid development of dairy industry, dairy industry is conducive to the development of rural industrial structure adjustment, increasing farmers income and optimization of the national diet and help to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and promote development of relevant industries, and promoting national well-off society and socialist new rural development, benefit the dairy industry has become a national population of 1.3 billion industry.

II ” Sanlu milk powder Event “on the impact of China’s dairy industry

“Sanlu milk powder incident” to China’s dairy industry has brought great impact on consumer confidence frustration, seriously damaged the credibility of national brands, production companies in trouble, the extreme difficulties faced by dairy farming, dairy farmers emotional instability. According to statistics, “event” came to light two months, the country took place on dairy farmers pour milk 140,000 tons, alone, losses reached 420 million yuan.

“Sanlu milk powder incident” occurred, the international dairy industry competitors will take advantage, and to 16,000 yuan / ton of cheap milk powder to the Chinese market, dumping, and domestic production of tons of powdered milk cost 2.5 million per, makes a huge difference in many domestic dairy processing companies and food companies have a lot of cheap milk powder imports, only the fourth quarter of last year, imported 7 million tons of milk powder. This led to a substantial decline in domestic milk sales, a large processing enterprises Package A serious backlog of milk. If this situation continues indefinitely, the consequences are caused by excess domestic local milk, milk purchase prices to decline further, Cow suffered heavy losses, is not conducive to the stable development of Cow, to promote and protect dairy farmers increase market supply will have serious implications.

“Sanlu milk powder incident” the most direct negative effects of dairy consumption market is shrinking, consumers frustrated passion dairy consumption, dairy sales have dropped to the lowest point. According to Sohu do the consumer, “whether to continue consumption of milk,” the online survey, participate in the survey’s 6807 people, 71.36 percent of the survey said they can not drink the drink, 17.23% of survey respondents said reducing drink milk, only 11.4 % of respondents said that according to drinking is not wrong. Many industry experts predict, 2009 is vital in the development of China’s dairy industry, if the market consumption is not restored, dairy enterprises will be reduced Raw material The acquisition of milk, dairy farmers “sell milk difficult” will result in a large number of farmers out of Cow, slaughter of cattle farmers will be greatly shaken the foundation Cow. As the cow’s generation gap long, once the basic groups of cows were hurt, recovering at least 4-5 years. This will result in the development of China’s dairy industry good years, the situation reversed, in view of this, the Government should adopt a “rescue” measures.

Dialectical look at the issue, in the discourse of “Sanlu milk powder incident,” the negative effects should also see that “incident” occurred, can inspire us to calmly reflect on the past “big development” in in scientific decision-making, development model, management system, monitoring system, and many gaps and shortcomings. In-depth study “scientific development regulations” serious lessons to develop scientific dairy development planning, early resumption of milk production, to accelerate improvements in the degree of the scale of dairy farming and raw milk quality and dairy products for dairy enterprises pay more attention to the quality of government departments to improve supervision and support efforts.

3, “Sanlu milk powder incident,” the source

The turn of the century, China’s dairy industry into the extraordinary period of development, from dairy farming to the comprehensive development of dairy processing, there has been rapid development of the situation.

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