Varieties Of Status Of Dairy Packaging – China Car Wash Equipment – China Bus Truck Wash Equipment

Varieties Of Status Of Dairy Packaging – China Car Wash Equipment – China Bus Truck Wash Equipment
Dairy packaging as an integral part of the dairy, which is accompanied by the development of the dairy industry developed, and a profound impact on the dairy industry. A high-quality packaging is the local dairy producers to achieve market penetration and foreign market expansion was a natural choice is to expand market share and production scale of the necessary means.
The packaging of dairy products currently on the market is divided into the following categories:
Box type, such as Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc, roof boxes, etc.; bottle; bag class, mainly plastic-based composite; plastic cups, mainly used for yogurt packaging; metal cans and so on.
Aseptic packaging of the biggest advantages is that: in sterile conditions, the maximum retained the nutrients and flavor of food, so that packaging food and beverage category now widely used in packaging, the packaging of most dairy products The main use of this packaging is that, here is some form of aseptic packaging:
Aseptic Packaging
Aseptic paper packaging materials for essentially a composite material, from paper / polyethylene / aluminum foil / resin multi-layer composite of the board of sarin, which permits for the structure of materials, and aluminum foil was high barrier materials.. Aseptic packaging in two forms: the roof and the brick-shaped packages package, packaging, multi-layer board would be hydrogen peroxide sterilization spray or intrusion law, and with hot sterile air in the filling before the blow upon the residual hydrogen peroxide. A typical manufacturer is a Swedish company Tetra Pak.
Aseptic packaging capacity generally in 200-1000ml, packaging for the dairy products, fruit juices, beverages. Cup aseptic packaging
More than the material used for the aseptic packaging of multi-layer co-extruded sheet, the structure of PP / PE / ADH / PVDC or EVOH / ADH / PS, which, PP can be stripped of aseptic packaging for the protective film, PVDCEVOH for the high barrier material, PS for structural materials.. Aseptic packaging cover material for the PE / PET multi-layer composite material. On behalf of the German manufacturer is ERCA, BOSCH and the United Kingdom Metal Box, Cup-type aseptic packaging capacity of the general in 50-500ml. Sterile aluminum / plastic bags
Similar to the sterile paper packaging materials used for the aluminum / plastic composite film, packaging is packaged with Gabriel package Prepack and fun package Finpack.
The major manufacturers of Germany KF companies, Finnish companies in the packaging capacity ELECSTER typically 200-500ml.
Box of bags
The packaging is a form of bulk packaging, and packaging capacity can reach 5-220 liters, up to 1000 liters. It is the outer box or bucket to use, can be used to prevent mechanical damage..
The major manufacturers of Italy ELPO company, ASTEPO company, Sweden’s Tetra Pak Corporation.
Characteristics of plastic bottles can be sterilized in the molding and immediately filling can also be sterilized before filling, generally can not be reused, but with advanced polycarbonate bottles can be used repeatedly . The bottle’s main producers of the Swiss TOMMELAG company, France’s SERAC company, the Italian company SIPA-PROCOMAC.

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