Uncle Dave’s Farm–simple, incredible quality

Gingerich jersey cowUncle Dave’s Farm is located in Lewis County, about 25 miles north of Lawrenceburg, 11 miles from Hohenwald, and 30 miles from Columbia. It’s convenient for residents in those towns as well as Linden, Lobelville, and Leoma to come pick up milk.

The owners, David and Mary Gingerich, run the beautiful 48 acre farm and milk 4 or 5 beautiful Jersey cows, as well as raise grassfed poultry for meat and eggs. They get about 14 gallons a day from their cows!

These cows are 100% grass fed so this is the absolute best milk you can buy. It’s a real treasure.

David Gingerich raises his cows organically, and they use no antibiotics or growth hormones. Their cows are out on grass all the time, and only come in for milking. They put an emphasis on making clean, grassfed raw milk for their shareholders that is of the highest quality. Gingerich barn

David follows Grade A milking practices as much as possible.  At some point in the future he plans to begin his own milk testing, to reassure his customers that his raw milk is the very best.


Gingerich sheep

He will begin delivering into Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville as soon as there is enough demand for it.  Give him a call and let him know you are interested and he will count you in the group for the delivery city you are in.

Uncle Dave’s Farm is offering herd shares for their cow share program at $50 to get into the program. This is your portion of the animal, the part you own.  The $50 share fee is non-refundable and is a one-time price, not yearly.  The delivery price on the milk is $7.50 per gallon for the labor of milking your cow.  If you pick up your own cow’s milk at the farm, the price is $5.50 per gallon of labor.  Your share of ownership in the herd is forfeit when you leave the share program.

Give David a call today at phone (931) 628-2851.


Gingerich land






An author, speaker, and health copywriter, Shawn Dady is also the president of Tennesseans For Raw Milk and the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a consultant and nationwide influencer for people on health and wellness issues and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.