This Drink Actually Has Better and More Probiotics Than Yogurt


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The human body is made up of mostly bacteria and microbes. There are trillions and trillions of microbes living inside the human body. We are actually about 90% bacteria and 10% human. This sounds pretty sci-fi, but it’s true. Tiny microbes live within us and help us live life as we know it.

But when we take antibiotics, we destroy billions of those good bacteria and we need tLittle Spring Creek Kefir grainso replenish them in order to maintain a good immune system and overall good health. Probiotic foods like yogurt and sauerkraut are one way to do that.

But did you know that kefir is one of the best and most powerful probiotics you can find?

And did you also know that it’s actually a better probiotic than yogurt? Many people don’t. Kefir grains contain about 30 strains1 of bacteria and yeasts, making it a very rich and diverse probiotic source. Other fermented dairy products are made from far fewer strains, and don’t contain any good, beneficial yeasts.

Not only that, but the type of bacteria found in kefir actually colonize the human intestinal tract and stay there, doing all kinds of good things for the body – unlike the strains of bacteria in yogurt, which do some beneficial work in the intestinal tract but then pass through and are eliminated.

Little Spring Creek Farm has raw milk kefir available through their cow share program that they make themselves, right on the farm.

Brandon Williams is the owner of Little Spring Creek Farm, and not only does he offer homemade kefir, but he also raw Jersey cow milk as well as raw goat milk and free-range, pastured pork (sold by the cut for more convenience for you.) And Little Spring Creek farm also only uses NON-GMO FEED. This is very unusual and hard to find.


They grass feed their cows year round, which is unique as well, and this produces the highest quality raw milk. And not only that but Brandon also offers butter, cream, and goat cheese as well for their herd share owners.

They offer delivery into the Franklin Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning from 8:00AM to 12 noon at the Factory and are also delivering into Nashville on Tuesdays at Sevier Park, 12 South Farmer’s Market, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

If you’re looking for a good herd share program, contact Brandon today.

Shawn Dady
President, Tennesseans For Raw Milk
Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin



Little Spring Creek Farm

Little Spring Creek Farm is a lovely 62-acre farm in the rolling hills of Perry County, TN.  Brandon and Andrea Williams and their 4 children take care of a herd of beautiful Jersey cows, a herd of Nubian and LaMancha goats, and a lot of free-ranging hogs.

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An author, speaker, and health copywriter, Shawn Dady is also the president of Tennesseans For Raw Milk and the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a consultant and nationwide influencer for people on health and wellness issues and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.