The New Standard Introduced On Melamine Milk Anquan Guo “zero Tolerance” – Dairy Standards

The New Standard Introduced On Melamine Milk Anquan Guo “zero Tolerance” – Dairy Standards
Ministry of Health published “raw milk”, etc. 66 new Dairy Security national standards (the “New National Standard”).

No longer set the new national standard Melamine Relevant regulations.
Published yesterday, the Ministry of Health Web site message said, according to relevant standards ” Food Safety Law “,” dairy quality and safety supervision and management regulations “and” dairy consolidation and revitalization of the Plan “and other rules, by the first national food safety standard review committee review.

“This standard will be the only country dairy industry, the enforcement of standards.” National Food Safety Standards Committee of the Secretariat staff, told reporters.

Strictly follow the “Food Safety Law”
New national standard, including 15 dairy product standards, production specifications 2, 49 standard test method, the basic standards of dairy products to resolve the existing contradictions, duplication, overlap and Index to the scientific issues, improve the security of the national dairy Scientific Standards formed Unity National dairy safety standards system.

“From the end of 2008, we launched the revised standard, the combing of food hygiene, food quality, industry standards and other standards about 160, based on established standards of the current 66. Solved the dairy standards The repetition and cross-cutting issues. “The staff said. Compared with the previous standard

dairy, the new national standard strictly follow the “Food Safety Law” requirements, highlight and human health are closely related to the limited provisions and the risk to food safety monitoring and assessment data as the basis, to ensure that the standard scientific. “Microbial indicators in the past, but sampling a sample, to determine whether the detection of bacteria, the provisions of the new international classification of samples, identification of the pathogen is more scientific. But also with international standards, an increase of Enterobacter sakazakii inspection. “The staff said.

“For raw milk’s protein content is concerned, more than equal to 2.95 grams from hectogram hectogram greater than or equal to 2.8 g, is not lower standards, but by feeding conditions set.” The staff said.

No longer set the relevant provisions of melamine
Dairy safety standards for clean-up during the course of infant Food Standards Were systematically modified, the original of the 11 infant food standards into four, covering the various types of baby food. Infant food safety standards, amendments need to ensure the safety of their products have to meet the nutritional needs of infants.

New national standards there is a bright spot, which is “no longer set the relevant provisions of melamine.” In other words, melamine no longer have the “legal” status is “Limited added,” and going to the dairy products.

This, including Erie , O good, Mead Johnson , Ternary, Dumex’s dairy companies, including that the new national standard as the national norm standard should not be illegal to add melamine into the scope. Otherwise, it will be the level of food safety standards back.

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