The Long Lost Health Benefits of Raw Milk

The Long Lost Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Body builders were some of the first “modern age” people to discover the health benefits of raw milk. It has been made difficult to get and in many places is outlawed but the health benefits are so overwhelming this will not last.

Let me be the first to jump on the bandwagon extolling the virtues of Raw Milk. I had a very good article on my blog explaining how raw milk got a bad rap to begin with and how it turned into a money maker for the big dairies. I deleted that post but hope to have it back up again by the time you read this. Slowly people are becoming aware that eating foods in their raw state is where all the nutrition is. Do you remember the “juicers” and how enthusiastic they were, it was enough to make you throw up. But they were right, the nutrition is near the skin and grinding up the whole raw apple, carrot, orange, tomato or what have you was giving you the nutrition you were after.

I would also like to encourage all new mothers to breast feed if they can. My wife was not able to so I am not endorsing this to be forced on new moms but if they can nurse they and their child will receive great health benefits.

So getting back to raw milk this is something that adults can do in addition to exercising that gives them something exercise cannot, a stronger immune system. There is a lot of information on the internet explaining why raw milk is so good for you. If you go to you will find what I think you will agree is an unbiased look into the raw milk issue. The most important thing to note is that the cows must be organically grass fed. It was the penned up cows forced to eat distillery swill that caused the infant deaths that were blamed on raw milk, because cows eat grass. Out of respect for my readers I will not tell you how they got the cows to eat this stuff. Also when you go to this site you will see a disclaimer indicating the danger of not advocating pasteurization.

I used to wrongly believe that exercise was all that you needed and that what you ate was not that important. I now freely admit that I was wrong. I should have known better but since I grew up on a farm and ate a lot of my food from the garden I was not aware how crummy the food that comes in boxes was. That is until after I had eaten that way for awhile.

Changing your diet is hard and asking you to add something controversial to your diet may be asking too much. But I think you will find that in a very short time just by changing from regular milk to raw milk you will feel the difference in better health. We are a nation addicted to salt and sugar filled food and it is my belief it is because we are not getting the nutrition we should and a lot of it is our own fault but some is not.
While there are many other healthy alternatives in food when it comes to milk that choice is just not there. The belief that milk has to be pasteurized to be safe just does not hold water and that fact will eventually be accepted. I will be putting up a video on my blog that I found on You Tube that explains what happens to milk when it is heated (pasteurized) and blended (homogenized). It is quite an education and made me realize that I only had scratched the surface on the raw milk issue. It seems to me that once people are made aware that heating and blending our milk is harming us more than it is helping raw milk will be made more readily available.

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