State Subsidies For Dairy Cattle Breeding Enjoyed Your Right – Aquaculture Industry

State Subsidies For Dairy Cattle Breeding Enjoyed Your Right – Aquaculture Industry
Since reform and opening, China’s rapid development of animal husbandry, dairy industry has grown rapidly almost from scratch. In order to allow our farmers to catch the express train livestock to get rich to this group, the National Livestock situation in our country in recent years, through the implementation of the seed subsidy program, increasing the pace of genetic improvement to improve the quantity and quality of livestock products, to ensure that animal production efficiency to promote the industrial management and peasant incomes. Subsidies for dairy cattle breeding project

4 years, in raising dairy cattle breeding efficiency, improve product quality plays an important role; on increasing farmers farming initiative and increase their participation in promoting the artificial insemination of the initiative, promoting the dairy breed improvement process, speed up the livestock Production in the pace of modernization of great significance. However, the main body of China’s livestock production has the characteristics of frequent change, and the small scale of production, many farmers, especially dairy cattle breeding seed subsidy program to subsidize not know, do not want to participate. We hope that the majority of farmers to pay attention on this information, in close contact with local livestock sector, make full use of the state as we set up the seed subsidies, starting from the breed improvement, effectively improve the effectiveness of dairy farming.

1 you raise the cows are improved varieties it?

The development of China’s dairy industry is almost no “growing up”, but “one step.” Large-scale dairy processing enterprises in almost the same time started a comprehensive introduction of foreign equipment, technology and even product development. Our dairy farmers, although an improvement, but compared to the rapid development of processing enterprises, the basic do “swaddling clothes”-like, from the capital, scale and technology, are unable to dock with the dairy processing companies, or dialogue, the level of China’s dairy yield only about half of the developed countries. Modern dairy farmers suddenly placed in front of the traditional and the direction of development. The development of modern livestock breeding

important material foundation. Seed subsidy is the State Council to strengthen the “three rural” work, support the development of animal husbandry is an important policy support and benefit agriculture, power in the present, the benefit in the long run. Organize the implementation of seed subsidy, by the breeder, to improve the level of improved varieties, and gradually adapt to the inherent requirements of modern animal husbandry development, and promote livestock growth pattern, this is the first priority.

Seed subsidy in 2005 cows in 15 pilot counties, based on Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture in 2006 and 2007 subsidies for the implementation of the dairy cow breeding project, the financial subsidies to fund 100 million yuan each year. September 2007, the State Council issued “on the promotion of sustainable and healthy development of dairy industry view”, 2008, cow breeding project scope subsidies, subsidies to 240 million yuan. Subsidies targeted at dairy farms, breeding areas and farmers. Subsidy standards, the Holstein cow semen per dose, 15 yuan subsidy for each individual cow can be complicated by two standards in subsidies; milk with water buffalo, yak, brown beef and dairy subsidies Simmental semen per dose, 10 dollars per head can be complicated cow implemented in accordance with the standard two doses of subsidies and implementation of frozen semen breeding fees and service charges ingredients separate system of two charges.

Dairy cattle breeding since the implementation of subsidized projects, the national bull stood on infrastructure, technology deployment, self-training capabilities of Bull etc. There was a marked increase, most stations were using bull semen internationally advanced production equipment. 1996 Dairy Cattle Semen detection rate of only 86% qualified in 2007 has reached 96%. In the project implementation, through wear ear tag, cards, etc. archiving legislation, establish and improve a cow pedigree and information files matching the scientific basis for selection, speed up the process of China’s dairy cattle breeding.

Subsidies at the national seed project, led by local governments at all levels attach great importance to the promotion of improved varieties, many local financial contribution to support implementation of the project. Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, according to the national dairy cattle breeding subsidies, the implementation of key county semen quality dairy subsidies. Guangxi Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Fisheries from the department to allocate 10 million yuan of special funds, support the region’s five counties 7 new buffalo dairy processing enterprises in 5000, subsidy of 2,000 yuan per head.

Implementation of the seed subsidy program, policy effects were significant benefit farmers increase yield significantly. Implementation of the project increased the awareness of farmers using improved varieties, breeding has changed over the past number of focusing only on the neglect of the phenomenon of semen quality. By subsidizing dairy cattle breeding semen, frozen semen sales market order has been effectively controlled, accelerated the promotion of dairy cattle breeding and the use of frozen semen. Implementation of the project four years ago, 140 million farmers benefited from improved dairy cattle has been accumulated 15.805 million (times), access to improved newborn cows more than 670 million head, the average yield increase of these cows 500 kg, an increase of total milk production 3.35 million tons, an increase in direct economic benefit of about 8.375 billion yuan

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