Participating In The Great Cow Race

Participating In The Great Cow Race
Exercising can improve conditions like depression and anxiety. It can improve physical strength, overall fitness and endurance.

It can also lend a person more eye to hand coordination, balance, and flexibility. In addition, it increases the levels of self-confidence and self-esteem a person has.

As a person experiences greater self-confidence and self-esteem, they usually take many more of the opportunities offered to them. In addition, they usually find more success as well as greater levels of it.

With all of these benefits, and many more, it is surprising how many people do not exercise as often as they should. However, the creation and availability of the home elliptical has encouraged more people to start exercising.

Many more people are exercising more than they used to in the past due to the home elliptical. The elliptical allows them to avoid exercising in bad weather or spending extra time and money to travel to a gym.

In addition, it saves money as parents do not have to hire a babysitter to watch their children while they exercise. People can simply hop on and start exercising whenever they have a minute.

Likewise, they will have the availability of home entertainment to distract them when exercising gets difficult. This can help pass the time and make your motivation to exercise be greater if you only watch TV when you exercise.

You may be surprised how long you exercise if you get lost in a movie or documentary. Ellipticals are also great because they are place in the home.

If parents exercise often their children will see how important exercising is to them and the good example of the parents may influence children to develop a habit of exercising early in their lives. As a result, the children will benefit from the exercise of the parent as well.

The benefits of exercising are endless. If you already have developed a good habit of exercising, then you have probably set goals.

These goals may include things related to weight loss, increase in physical abilities, or simply benefitting from the mental and emotional benefits of exercising. Unfortunately, after you exercised for a while, you may notice that you are not making any more improvement or getting any closer to achieving your goal.

If this is the case, then you have reached a plateau. There are two ways through which you can avoid or get through the plateau.

The first way is to change the settings on your elliptical to be longer, faster or harder. However, this is somewhat boring and will not re-stimulate you interest in exercising.

The other option is to train for and participate in a unique sport. This is much more interesting and may help you stay motivated to exercise longer.

One unique competition you may want to participate in is the Great Cow Race. The Great Cow Race was started by Pete Ondrus and Barb Lambert from Mississippi.

They noticed that country fairs were receiving fewer and fewer attendees as interest in livestock has declined. Pete believed that if more active competitions, such as a cow race, would increase interest.

However, most of the fairs rejected his idea. He continued to pursue it and checked in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There was not a record for the world’s fastest cow, even though there were records for other much more obscure animals. When he discovered this, he decided to host a cow race himself and find the fastest cow in the world.

Or at least find a cow that was fast enough to enter for the world record. They offered a $ 2,000 reward for the winner of the race.

He also purchased a cow that had been part of a study to see if exercise affected milk production. This cow was named Taffy and he rode her in the first race and placed first place.

However, the first winning time was eight minutes and 55.4 seconds. This was two minutes faster than the next cow to cross the finish line.

During this first race it was discovered that cows are much more unruly than horses. One cow bolted across a field, another bucked her rider off, another sought to be petted by spectators, and another stopped for a snack.

Despite the unruliness of the cows, Pete has continued to host this race on a yearly basis. Learning how to ride and control a cow is a very fun and entertaining way to change up your exercise routine and stay motivated.

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