“ningxia Milk”: Find A Way Out Of Crisis (2) 2 – Pdh Multiplexer Manufacturer

“ningxia Milk”: Find A Way Out Of Crisis (2) 2 – Pdh Multiplexer Manufacturer
Ningxia land rich in resources, in particular, has been recognized worldwide, “the king of grass” and a lot of alfalfa and silage corn planting, to become a strong support for the development of dairy farming. Ningxia, 800 mu of forage base can produce 4 million tons of forage, adequate forage protection, suitable for building large-scale, intensive dairy base; more importantly, Ningxia forage weakly alkaline, which makes ” Ningxia milk “smell of mutton flavor pale, creamy rich more mellow.
Ningxia Hui is the only inhabited provinces, autonomous region all the dairy enterprise are “Halal” brand, of which 80% of dairy enterprises founded by the Hui people, health products, stringent quality requirements, which strengthened milk safety supervision, to ensure the quality of milk.
For this reason, in 2004, Mengniu Board of Directors in the company development strategies that declared: “Ningxia has a daily output of 500 tons of high-quality milk, if we can successfully occupy Ningxia milk, Mengniu is bound to further the cause of success.”
The so-called “world to those who have milk,” Driven by profits, however, it has become critical of some milk dairy companies ignore base construction, wantonly raise milk prices, milk vicious snatch an excuse.
To seize the lead in the Mengniu milk quality in Ningxia, the Erie and other large dairy enterprises have followed, have aimed at targets in Ningxia milk. 2007 alone, there Hangzhou Wahaha, Taiwan Want Want, Shanghai poetry into three companies traveled choose to invest in the core area of Ningxia, milk factories, and the size, processing capacity are higher than domestic enterprises in Ningxia.
To survive, local enterprises in Ningxia their showers, downgrading prices, foreign companies have struggled, been driving up prices, milk prices have soared in Ningxia. The end of 2007, Yinchuan, Wuzhong two main producing areas of raw milk price from 1.75 yuan / kg up to 2.9-3.2 yuan / kg, or 70%, broke the national raw milk prices rose the most. The past two years, for feeding cows corn, soybean meal, oil cake and alfalfa and other prices rising, led the raw milk prices continue to keep up the rise.
So disorderly competition, led directly to the local dairy industry in Ningxia both in research and development of new products, market development or investment, all add to the enormous risk of a serious shortage of production staying power, competitive advantage is difficult to embody.
However, due to good quality, taste mellow, dry matter content is high, import lingering etc, Ningxia milk is still the Mengniu, Yili and other major brand well-known high-end production of dairy products in R & D when competing for the raw milk. “Melamine incident”, the Ningxia highest quality raw milk sold for 3.9 yuan / kg.
Temporarily provide such high-priced collection of milk on the domestic dairy enterprises in Ningxia what impact caused or Ti Ningxia quality milk for others to do “wedding gown” in the embarrassing situation, but not to go into this mode of collection to the current Chinese milk Dairy brings what consequences, we can see this long-running “Ningxia milk war” seems to have the “Ningxia milk” in the end given how good the most direct answer.
Can be said that Ningxia has not only become the Mengniu, Yili and other major brands of domestic enterprise groups of high-quality dairy milk suppliers, the market is a barometer of its march. Ningxia excellent quality milk, and indeed, as some business development strategies like years ago, propped up its industries and utilities building, creating tens of thousands of wealth and success as its occupation of the high-end consumer market dairy quality assurance.
However, sitting on such huge resources of the local dairy enterprises in Ningxia, how can we be so willing to hand over high-quality milk?
In fact, “Ningxia milk” brand made, precisely because enterprises in Ningxia milk “melamine incident”, withstood a variety of risks and the pressure of the government’s policy support and coordination with the Society of Ningxia milk, increase R & D investment, the adjustment of product structure.

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