“ningxia Milk”: Find A Way Out In A Crisis (1) – Milk Ningxia, Ningxia Dairy – Food

“ningxia Milk”: Find A Way Out In A Crisis (1) – Milk Ningxia, Ningxia Dairy – Food
This is a “regional brand” in the crisis continue to maintain and break through the typical?? By the National Dairy Warming trend in the market, the domestic dairy industry in Ningxia Dairy giants who resisted the pressure to re-occupy the market, to actively implement the “Ningxia Milk , “Industrial policy, decisive proposed building” of Ningxia milk “brand strategy for sustainable development with local characteristics for the road industry.

Part: Market rebound: “Ningxia milk” extravaganza

Story: edge gathering: “Ningxia milk” behind the brand

Next: the layout plan: Building a “Ningxia milk” brand of Road

Part: Market rebound: “Ningxia milk” extravaganza

When the market is getting warmer, “Ningxia milk” brand the extravaganza for the whole industry by surprise, A strong “milk of Ningxia” upsurge in the August 2009 hit from. Dairy disaster

2008 9 11, for the Chinese dairy industry, it is definitely remembered for ever. As ” Melamine Incident “, in dairy industry ranks third in the Sanlu Group sudden crashing down.

A Chinese milk “poisonous Milk powder “World War thus began.

Quality inspection departments with the deepening of the investigation and sampling, Mengniu, Erie , Light and so the market share of 70% of the Chinese dairy giant, its products have been found to contain melamine, from infants to adults drink liquid milk powder, events escalated, “toxic milk” deeply hurt the Chinese consumer the nerve to break the confidence of all the bottom line.

“Ferret out a product, an industry depression,” the Domino spell was a harsh posted on the Chinese milk brands, mercilessly Yanqu the past and honor all of the halo. Within a month, melamine-affected range from the “China Dairy Industry” to “World Dairy”, from “milk products” to “food industry” … … Dairy

an unprecedented catastrophe for China and the world into a panic in the melamine, a domino effect and gradually enlarge. With Financial The rapid spread of the crisis in the global foreign dairy enterprises to capital return as soon as possible, low-cost marketing milk powder, passed through the country’s dairy exports to the crisis.

Imported milk powder, “looting,” once the backlog of domestic milk close to 300,000 tons. The face of “external and internal problems” of the market situation, the domestic dairy enterprises have to reduce or suspend the collection of milk, triggered a large-scale dairy farmers pour milk, slaughter of cattle phenomenon, Ningxia is no exception.

Wuzhong is the core area of Ningxia dairy farming, dairy herds accounted for 50% of the region, since 1999, the number of cows increased steadily year by year. However, beginning in October 2008, Wuzhong City dairy farmers out of non-normal phenomena continue to occur, the rapid decline in the number of dairy cows. According to Wuzhong statistical data show that only Wuzhong urban dairy breeding stock from 13 million head at that time to less than 100,000.

Just Ningxia, the country suffered from this situation. China Dairy Industry Association survey, early in April 2009, Hohhot, 100 tons of milk a day is still down about; Inner Mongolia dairy a day out of 200 non-normal long; the country’s largest dairy farming county of Heilongjiang Twins have slaughter of cattle, 5,000 bulls sold cattle; Hami introduced 3000 2006 purebred Holstein cows are down to 1524.

As of March 11, 2009, backyard households in Ningxia Raw material Milk prices dropped to 0.8-1.2 yuan / kg, far lower than 2.1 yuan / kg of feed costs, while the price of raw milk during the peak season up to 3.5 yuan / kg.

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