More Than Enough Raw Milk Cow Milk Purchase Prices Lower

More Than Enough Raw Milk Cow Milk Purchase Prices Lower

4 month, following the light, Sanlu price increase application is approved, domestic enterprises Mengniu milk line, Erie has submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission to apply price increases.

Early as the Spring Festival, Mengniu, Yili, Sanlu, including local businesses such as flower brand cattle prices have been several times, or 40% of all the grounds are the original purchase price of milk and other costs.

From many big dairy companies have to set up camp in our province, the milk will be intensified battle, resulting in raw milk purchase price from 1.8 yuan rose to the way the maximum 3.5 yuan before the Spring Festival, but it had a good day 4 months, individual enterprises began downgrading prices of milk, some cattle farmers also suffer losses.

City, the person in charge of Animal Husbandry Bureau, nearly three months, the number of dairy herds and milk production remained the original upward trend. The industry believes that, at present, to let Henan dairy market healthy, positive development, standardized milk, the competition between enterprises is particularly important.

Too much milk, milk powder factories rush to do

According to the Urban Animal Husbandry Bureau statistics, by the end of 2006 58 300 local dairy herds, the original production of 254,900 tons of milk, by the end of 2007, dairy herds increased 23.16 percent, to 71,800; original Milk production increased 22.79%, reaching 313,000 tons.

City, the person in charge of Animal Husbandry Bureau, nearly three months, the number of dairy herds and raw milk production is still growing momentum of the figure at the end of 2007 based on the increase again.

An adequate supply of raw materials, finished products entered the market weakness of milk (sold off-season after the Spring Festival), the milk processing enterprises have emerged raw milk surplus.

4 6 pm, Zhengzhou City, can be wonderful door dairy company has lined up a long convoy, this is Erie, Bright and Mengniu liquid milk such as milk processing enterprises will be sent here ever use spray powder (processed milk). Since February 13 after, Zhengzhou wonderful mountains can be Dairy Milk and Xingyang two milk processing enterprises operating at full capacity every day, alone on behalf of the processing volume, as little as 20 tons per day for each business, as many as 80 tons .

Milk is undoubtedly the lifeline of the milk processing enterprises. Since Mengniu, Erie and other big dairy companies have, after landing on a beach in the province, milk will not stop fight over World War II, the most notable incident was the dairy enterprises large price competition, raw milk purchase price since October 2007 2 yuan in January this year, climbing to 3 yuan.

Ordinarily, farmers are Enter the Dragon and this should be ecstatic, but the farmers have had no peace of mind, because the raw milk dairy enterprises in the hands of the right acquisition. “What lack of milk when the milk is qualified enough raw milk, the processing enterprises would find ways to downgrading prices, who will ensure that our interests?”

Face lower prices, cattle ranchers complained

Yesterday, with not too little rain, but did not prevent the county district in Zhengzhou, “cattle king” who listen to Zhengzhou dairy training courses. Told reporters, most dairy farmers when milk received complaints from enterprises withholding milk over them: they (the dairy enterprise) received milk according to their own standards of business, and this standard will move several times a year, according to their own interests set.

Training session yesterday after the big cattle Wang Gang (a pseudonym) to reporters to cite an example to his ranch out of the same tank Stir into an alien with two well-known dairy enterprises cans, a fat content of test results is 3.6 and the other cans are 2.6. “Error so large, how to convince people?” In and out of the business even after several such unhappy, he simply changed to another dairy enterprises.

“Cooperation is not happy, tense milk last December, I ranch out of the milk they accept all of the Guowanchunjie weakness of the market, they are not saying that my milk with antibiotics, but the quality that is relevant . “Here, Wang Gang laughed,” the same pot of milk, in my testing on non-antibiotic ranch, where they pulled on with the. but also measured the same inspector. “

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