Moms: Earn A Degree At A 2-year College

Moms: Earn A Degree At A 2-year College
Community college is often the punchline to jokes about college. For busy moms community college can be a wonderful idea. Both academically and personally junior colleges present a wealth of options. With financial opportunity you could get the education you want and need.

For a long time 2-year colleges have seemed like schools to go to in order to waste time and money. Strong course work, lower tuition and geographic nearness are three of the best characteristics of community colleges. The flexibility and opportunity are great for moms who want to go to school. For moms who want to gain knowledge and degrees, the Obama scholarships for mothers are a strong financial benefit. Getting $ 5,000 can go a long way toward earning a professional degree.

Financial savings are a significant factor of attending junior college. Moms who apply for a $ 5,000 grant certainly want to be cost conscious when going to school. Consider that most college and university educations cost tens of thousands of dollars, but that isn’t so at junior colleges. Furthermore, community colleges frequently offer full-ride scholarships to high school students with high standardized test scores and GPA. This is a significant prize for young moms who still managed to do well in school. Even with some expenses paid, the scholarship for moms can be used to pay for travel expenses, childcare and other school-related expenses.

At junior colleges many students will find that they have study opportunities that are similar to 4-year schools. A 2002 New York Times article found that 168 junior colleges have an honors program. The standard teachings at 4-year schools are increasingly becoming the templates for smaller community colleges. One 2-year school in the Times article encouraged and provided opportunity to study abroad in various places. All of these diverse courses and study opportunities expand students knowledge and help them enroll in 4-year colleges.

Attending a community college is made even more accessible for mothers who have earned a Pell Grant. Attending a junior college allows a mom to save some money even as she has the bonus of a $ 5,000 mom scholarship. Community colleges can be great training grounds for attendance at 4-year colleges as well as for entering the work force. On the path toward your career, a 2-year degree is a good first step.

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