McClain Dairy and Produce – Working Hard For You!

raw milk, raw dairy, raw milk tennesseeMcClain Dairy and Produce is located in the beautiful countryside of Rutherford Co. in Rockvale, TN about 40 miles southeast of Nashville off Hwy 99.

Their property has a variety of terrains, from woods to rolling pastures. They feel blessed to be milking two beautiful heirloom-breed Jerseys with many more to come.  In fact, Bobby McClain, the farmer, prides himself on ONLY milking Jersey cows.  To Bobby, Jerseys always have been and always will be, the very best.

Few people have had a harder time in life than Bobby, and even fewer have come through those hardships with the happy, hard-working spirit Bobby now has.  He had a dairy business for many years then had a disabling accident and lost everything. But Bobby never gave up and came back fighting.  His dream now is to make his raw dairy cow-share business successful.

As of now their 2 Jersey cows are providing them withabout 9.5 gallons per day of fresh raw milk. They are also wanting to add some milk goats in the near future.

They also have fresh produce and canned goods available.  These were put up fresh from their organic garden.

Having over 50 yrs. experience in dairying and farming, the care and milking of these beautiful cows is nothing new to them.  Your cows are in great hands.  The girls are out on pasture most of the day, and receive alfalfa hay and some grain during the milking process to keep them happy and standing still.

The good grass and hay also keeps their body in good condition and also keeps them producing good quality raw milk that is high in butterfat.

They plan on adding butter, cheese and yogurt to their share programs soon.

Cost: $50.00 one time share buy in.
$6.00 for labor per gallon if picked up at the farm or at a specified location in Murfreesboro
$7.00 for labor per gallon in to Nashville or Franklin
Possible delivery to other areas as business allows.

For more information, please contact:
Bobby 615-397-2722 (no texting)
or Christy 615-210-8514 (texts are ok)
or e-mail:


An author, speaker, and health copywriter, Shawn Dady is also the president of Tennesseans For Raw Milk and the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a consultant and nationwide influencer for people on health and wellness issues and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.