Make Raw Almond Butter And Enjoy Its Various Benefits

Make Raw Almond Butter And Enjoy Its Various Benefits


If you are bored with your current spread and want to try a new spread then you can make raw almond butter and enjoy using it fresh. It can also be used as a substitute for peanut butter, if you have peanut allergies.

How to make raw almond butter?

Ingredients and things you will need –

· 1 cup of raw almonds

· 1 tablespoon of light oil (canola or vegetable)

· 1/8th tablespoon of common salt

· Sharp knife

· Airtight container

· Food processor


1.   Chop one cup of raw almonds using a sharp knife and put them in the food processor. Whole almonds can damage the blades of your food processor.

2.   Add salt and put on the lid. Then pulse the blender for just 2 seconds take a break in the proceedings and repeat this simultaneously three times. The almonds will be powdered smoothly and evenly.

3.   Pour in the light oil in the mixture present in the food processor. Put on the lid and pulsate the concoction until the oil combines with the powdered almond and gets a smooth texture. It should measure 3/4th cup of raw almond butter. If you find it thick add 1 tablespoon of extra oil and blend it in the food processor.

4.   Taste the butter to make sure that the oil and butter are blended perfectly.  If you get the flavor of oil then pulse it again till you are satisfied with the taste. You can also add a little more of salt, if you find the butter tasteless.

5.   You can use the almond butter as soon as it is made or transfer it into the airtight container and refrigerate it.

It is very simple to make raw almond butter and use it as a tasty alternative. It can be benefitted in several ways.

Prepare Fudge – Raw almond butter is mixed with the usual fudge recipe and a sweet dessert is created. Boil half cup of milk with 1 lb of powdered sugar in a large saucepan. Remove it from the stove after the mixture boils and add one cup of marshmallow cream and one cup of raw almond butter. Pour the mixed fudge in a buttered saucepan and let it chill.
Sauce – Mix the raw almond butter with two tablespoon of sesame vinaigrette or soy sauce and put in spices you prefer like lime juice, powdered pepper or garlic. You can add water to have a thin sauce of required consistency. This sauce can be also used as a dipping served besides chicken tenders or savory courses.

Benefits of raw almond butter

If you make raw almond butter at home, then you can reap the nutritious benefits from this nourishing element belonging to the nut family. Some of the healthy properties are:

Home made is a healthy option for it has no added preservatives.
Almond butter has mono-saturated fat that reduces cholesterol and heart disease. It has high content of antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B 2, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium.
It also helps in weight control and regulates blood sugar.
Reduces the risk of prostate enlargement.
It helps to lower the blood pressure.

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