Kentucky Farm Fresh

Kentucky Farm Fresh, Tennesseans for raw milk
Do you live in Northern or downtown Nashville and want to find a great source of farm fresh, pastured eggs for your family?

Kentucky Farm Fresh, is a group of small Amish farmers in southwestern Kentucky that started in the summer of 2014 with just a small backyard flock. Now they package 3500 dozen eggs per week!

Their eggs are in grocery stores as well as bakeries under the label called “The Egg Shack” so you’ll know it’s them if you’re every shopping and come across that label.

Their chickens are out on pasture every day getting grass, bugs, fresh air, and sunshine. This makes for the best quality egg available – dark orange yolks, healthy strong whites, as well as high quality fats and excellent nutrition in each one.

Kentucky Farm Fresh, Tennesseans for raw milk

The chickens are also given non-GMO seeds, extra vitamins, and minerals. 

The eggs are gathered daily and placed in the farm cooler, then they are transported by a refrigerated truck to their central packing facility. There they are washed, candled, graded to size, put in cartons and placed in a cooler where the temperature is controlled between 40 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

These eggs are not only farm fresh and spectacular but also USDA inspected.

They’re in Herndon, KY but they do make deliveries to many bakeries, grocery stores, and private customers in Nashville. If you’d like to visit the farm, they are located at the intersection of Hwys 107 and 117 in KY.

They’re open 2 days a week, or by appointment. 

Monday 9 – 5
Thursday 9 – 5

Their contact numbers are as follows:
Call between 7:30 am and 8:00 am


Call anytime or leave a message

You can also email them at:







An author, speaker, and health copywriter, Shawn Dady is also the president of Tennesseans For Raw Milk and the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a consultant and nationwide influencer for people on health and wellness issues and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.