Heirloom’s a Charm

Heirloom’s a Charm

The first bicycle was a breathtaking moment, handing down of a loved piece of jewellery from one generation to the next a day to remember. Bestowing a piece of beloved jewellery in particular is perhaps a sentiment less seen in an age of frugality, pawn shops, lost familial ties and an ignorance to the importance of tradition.

Nonetheless, keeping customs alive is important to enough discerning folks. Perhaps one of the least appealing things about passing down a piece of jewellery from one generation to the next is the inadaptability. A classic piece is of course “classic”, but is it contemporarily wearable? Is it representative of anything more than value and time?

Choosing a piece with the intention of multi-generational longevity is not necessarily difficult. Following a little research, one of the most popular choices of ladies from young to elderly was the charm bracelet.

The most attractive quality of a charm bracelet is its potential to create a personal history. Whilst a stunning cocktail ring exudes all the elegance of classic origins, can it communicate a grandmother’s talent for ice skating? A mother’s love of dragonflies? A great grandmother’s travel around the world?

One of the most noted contemporary charm bracelet artists is Links jewellery. Links of London charms are amongst the most original, creative, and of the highest quality on the market today. Their classic designs include incredibly inventive little charms, traditionally attachable to a silver charm bracelet.

Thomas Sabo presents a more contemporary option, one that is no less chic and timeless than his peers. One such peer is the venerable Swarovski jewellers, whose glittering crystal charms are true to their classic ethos, with the sweet inclusion of modern representations like cupcakes, red hearts and moons.

Creating a little tradition that can be added to by the women of your future generations marks perhaps the most beautiful sentiment of love, bespoke to every wearer.

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