Goat’s Milk or Cow’s Milk ? Which is More Health to Baby

Goat’s Milk or Cow’s Milk ? Which is More Health to Baby

Baby will grows well with mother’s milk. But once he is fed with cow’s milk, he will appear allergies. Moms will scare to face this problem. And it is true that goat’s milk will make better. These years, goat’s milk becomes more and more popular. Then do you know the nutrition in goat’s milk and cow’s milk? The following will give a comparison to you.

Component comparison

1. Proteins

Goat’s milk: a little more proteins than cow’s milk, which casein protein accounted for 75%, α-S1 casein total protein 1%-3%, β-lactoglobulin content is less than cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk: Protein content is 2.7% to 3.7%, which Casein content accounted for 85%, α-S1 casein total protein content is 43%, β-lactoglobulin content in cow’s milk is double in goat’s milk.

2. Fat

Goat’s milk: the fat cells are small, about one-third of cow’s milk. Unsaturated fatty acids is double of cow’s milk, this content is more close to human’s body.

Cow’s milk: the fat cells are big, and most are saturated fatty acids.

3. Lactose

Both goat’s milk and cow’s milk contain lactose.

4. Folic acid, Vitamin

Goat’s milk: lacks folic acid, content is one-fifth of cow’s milk. Vitamin C content is 1.29mg/100g.

Cow’s milk: folic acid content is 4 times higher than goat’s milk. Vitamin C content is 0.94mg/100g, much lower than mother’s milk.

5. Minerals

Goat’s milk: more minerals in goat’s milk, the total content is 0.85%. Calcium and phosphorus content is 20% more than that of cow’s milk. There is no antagonism between calcium and iron in goat’s milk, so the absorption rate is high.

Cow’s milk: mineral content of cow’s milk is 0.72%, which calcium accounted for 45% of all minerals. Calcium and phosphorus ratio is similar to goat milk and the iron content is also similar to goat milk, but the interaction of calcium and iron in cow’s milk does affect the ferrous iron absorption.

6. PH

Goat’s milk: alkaline

Cow’s milk: acidic

7. Epidermal growth factor

Goat’s milk: contain the same active factor with mother’s milk ─ epithelial cell growth factor (EGF), good to epithelial cell growth and repair.

Cow’s milk: no


It not means that goat’s milk is better than cow’s milk, anyway we all know that mother’s milk is the best to baby.

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