Flowers inserted in cow dung

Flowers inserted in cow dung

Flowers: This term is often in modern life, will be happy to do something or linked happy, but sometimes it is not how reluctant to link themselves and their cattle

Flowers: “I do not want to stay in the body of cow dung, it is so so ugly and smelly … … how can I beautiful and fragrant.”

Dung did not speak, just smiled quietly.

Flowers left the cow to talk to alluvial gold, it felt as long as gold to set off its beauty, but after not long, as time goes by, the alluvial gold is no water, no nutrients, no time soon flowers beautiful, alluvial gold shaken It gave up the flowers to find a more beautiful flowers.

This is the cow dung to speak: Come on, I will protect your flowers.

Flowers have withered away: this time it knows that the cow dung though ugly, and unpleasant, MBT Shoes sale, but it is reliable and will give all it needs, nutrients and moisture.

Such a thing in real life is not surprising, and I feel nothing wrong with cow dung, and I want to make cow dung, if I were flowers I like him in the cow dung, thinking that it is ordinary, mundane is what I seek I hope I can be an extraordinary number of his love, I do not want to be like “Titanic”, or the story of Butterfly Lovers in Chinese history as grand and spectacular, and now lives in ordinary life can move on to find points very pleased with the `

Love is like flowers, like life, like cattle, like the beautiful flowers would wither in the open, the pursuit of love is so people like beautiful flowers, like love, but love is also hope to hone in life, just as cow dung ordinary life, like love, MBT Shoes, is also a long, long before ordinary love, in ordinary life can be moved to find the love that is beautiful.

At a young age do not need too much moved to accompany the birthday of his (her) side, not asking too much cake or gift, in his (her) tired things are annoying, there are wronged, and there When can I talk to complain about his (her) with the commitment to help him (her) talk too much about each other think about it, this is the most moving, in the event of a dispute when the other party can understand each other less, calm sit down and talk, Remember to take place at the right time to fight the impulse to think of the devil, it will not gain back what you face or more of the things you want to you rest of his life in a quarrel with you, accompany you through the whole life with that love in an argument, please put down your dignity, your face, your macho, your princess temper, understanding one’s understanding and love each other can be called called tired of love.

Year in the wonders of ancient accompany your waist or the bow of the little old man and the little wrinkled old woman, MBT, you can reach back in time scratching, only he (she) will know that you focus on the itch Which should be how to scratch. Because he (she) is the world’s most people who know you, when you are sick only he (she) can no matter how long you will always be ill wait on you at your side, know what you most want to eat in this world is most moving, flowers inserted in cow dung … …