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* Leiper’s Fork, TN, George and Annette Dodson, Jersey D Farms, raw cow milk, cow-shares available, all Jerseys, mostly grass fed, no antibiotics, no hormones, all organically raised, no soy either, shares are $25 to buy into the herd, (a one-time, non-refundable share fee) then $5 per gallon for the labor to milk your cow for you. They also have free-range chickens and sell country eggs (when the chicken cooperate with enough eggs). They have both grass-fed or grain fed beef (on the hoof) for sale, and they sell fresh ground, whole hog, pork sausage from our hogs, which are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. If you don’t want a share, you can also purchase the milk as “pet food milk”. Give Annette or George a call today at 931-682-2315.

* Lewis County, TN, David Gingerich, Uncle Dave’s Farm, raw Jersey cow milk shares available, grassfed raw milk as well as eggs and pastured poultry, David Gingerich raises his cows organically, and they use no antibiotics or growth hormones. Their cows are out on grass all the time, and only come in for milking. They put an emphasis on making clean, grassfed raw milk for their shareholders that is of the highest quality, Grade A milking practices, will consider delivery into Franklin and Nashville with enough demand, herd shares for their cow share program are $50 to get into the program. This is your portion of the animal, the part you own. The $50 share fee is non-refundable and is a one-time price, not yearly. The delivery price on the milk is $7.50 per gallon labor for milking your cow. If you pick up your own cow’s milk at the farm, the price is $5.50 for the labor. Your share of ownership in the herd is forfeit when you leave the share program. Give David a call today at phone (931) 628-2851.

* Perry County, TN, Brandon Williams, Little Spring Creek Farm, raw COW and GOAT milk shares available, Jersey cows are mostly all grassfed, even in winter, they are fed wheat grass or rye grass in the winter and this makes a real difference in the butterfat content and flavor of the milk, they also have pastured LaMancha and Nubian raw goat milk available, goats are mostly grassfed but given other vegetation as well, including non-GMO soaked oats and wheat, which is WAPF-friendly, they also have grass-finished Maine Anjou beef–just excellent flavor and marbeling, their cow and goat program at $50 to get into the program. This is your portion of the animal, the part you own. The $50 share fee is non-refundable and is a one-time price,not yearly. The delivery price on the milk is $8 per gallon labor for milking your cow, and $14 per gallon labor for milking your goat. If you pick up your own cow or goat milk at the farm, the price for labor is $5 for raw cow milk labor, and $10 for raw goat milk labor. Your share of ownership in the herd is forfeit when you leave the share program. They offer delivery into the Franklin Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning from 8:00 AM to 12 noon at the Factory and they also deliver into West Nashville on Tuesdays at Sevier Park from 11am to 12 noon. Their stand at the Franklin Farmer’s market is called “Pilgrim’s Produce” so look for that name at the market. They also offer goat cheese and goat milk yogurt for share holders. The grassfed beef is sold by the individual cut. It is also delivered.
Give them a call today at phone (931) 628-3523, or email them at

*  Hickman County, Sherry Holt, The Holt Farm, raw COW milk shares available now, this Jersey cow is grass fed in both summer AND winter. They give her quite a few high-quality grass products in addition to regular pasture, including timothy, alfalfa, and beet pulp.  She also gets the hay cut off their own fields in spring and fall. The Holt Farm is offering herd shares for their cow share program at $70 to get into the program. This is your portion of the animal, the part you own. The $20 share fee is non-refundable and is a one-time price, not yearly. The price on the milk is $4 per gallon labor for milking. Your share of ownership in the herd is forfeit when you leave the share program.
They do not offer delivery — pickup ONLY AT FARM
They will soon be offering pastured free-range eggs from their Rhode Island Red hens. They also plan to offer grassfed beef as their herd grows. Raw goat milk shares are NOW AVAILABLE from a herd of Nubians and Alpines. The cost is $10.00 for the labor per gallon.
Give Sherry Holt a call today at  (931) 729-4530, or email her at

*  Rockvale, TN, McClain Dairy and Produce, Bobby McClain, Located in beautiful Rutherford Co. 40 miles southeast of Nashville off hwy. 99,  As of now we are milking 2 Jersey cows with more to come as business allows. We are aslo wanting to add some milk goats in the near future. We also have fresh produce and can goods that was put up fresh from our garden. The milking and caring of the animals is nothing new to us as we have over 50 yrs. experince in dairy and farming.  The cows are on pasture and alfalfa hay with grain during the milking process to keep them happy and producing a good quality of milk high in butter fat. We plan on adding butter, cheese and yogurt to our share programs.
Cost:  50.00 one time share buy in.
$6.00 for labor per gallon if you pick up your cow’s milk at farm or at specified location in Murfreesboro
$7.00 for labor per gallon if delivered into Nashville or Franklin
Possible delivery to other areas as business allows.
For more info. Please contact:
Bobby 615-397-2722 (no text)
Christy 615-210-8514   text ok
or e-mail tobymax3388@gma

* TN, Todd and Kari Vincent, Vincent Family Farm, south of Nashville, raw 100% grassfed Jersey cow milk and pastured raw goat milk, 100% grassfed raw butter, 100% grassfed RAW mozzarella cheese, 100% raw grassfed yogurt, pastured free-range eggs, fresh ground wheat bread, organic vegetables, fermented bean paste, fermented mexican slaw, whey-fermented dill and garlic carrots, granola, raisins, raw honey,  flavored raw cream cheeses (cinnamon vanilla honey, sun-dried tomato and basil, chocolate and peanut butter), peppermint soap, sandalwood soap, ready-to-bake pizza dough, jalapeno jelly, organic local blueberry jam, sea salt, yeast-free sourdough starter, raw sprouted buckwheat cereal, orange lemon grape and apple kefir water, essential oils, DELIVERY into FRANKLIN, EAST NASHVILLE, and MUSIC ROW area of NASHVILLE, contact Todd Vincent through his website at or email him at

*  Lebanon, TN, Brian Harville, raw milk Jersey cow-shares, we a small family farm that is offering shares for sale in our registered, purebred Jersey cows.   Milking labor fee will be $6 per gallon per week and for my labor you will receive 1 gallon of YOUR OWN wonderful, whole, fresh, raw milk.  For $7.50 we deliver your milk.  We are only 30 min. east of Nashville and 25 min. north of Murfreesboro (2 miles off 840). We do use organic practices but are not certified.  The address is 1215 Oak Grove Road Lebanon Tn 37090. Our website is We do look forward to hearing from you.  We deliver into Franklin, Nashville, and Murfreesboro,  For more info contact

* Arrington, TN, Shelly McMullan, pastured raw LaMancha goat milk available through a SHARE PROGRAM, located just outside of Nolensville, sells only to people in need of goat milk for autism or other medical problems–more of a ministry to the sick. Labor is $7.50/Gallon. People can email her at if they are interested, or call 615-218-1523.

*  Melissa Hostetter, pastured raw goat milk,, southeast of Nashville, 15 minutes from Murfreesboro, (615) 563-2147, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

*  Taft, TN, Lincoln County, Fred Alcorn, raw grassfed, organic, Jersey cow milk FOR PET CONSUMPTION only, 20 Sanders Lane, Taft, 38488, from I-65 I’m 10 miles southeast from exit 14 toward Fayetteville, I’m about 50 miles from cool springs area, we are about 14 miles from exit 1 at Ardmore, Tn, which is southern TN, we also have beef and pork as well as butter, cheese, Keifer, cream, etc. we also offer grass-finished beef, fred.alcorn@PeoAvn.Army.Mil, home 931-425-6878, using cow shares

*  Thompsons Station, TN, Kris Ellis, she has pastured raw goat milk, 615-322-7238, 615-790-2925,, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY

*  Deer Lodge, TN, West Wind Farms–certified organic farm,, licensed by the TDA for 5 years, Kim Cole delivers to many Farmer’s Markets, including Franklin, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Murfreesboro, they have raw cow milk–all A2, as well as goat milk, certified organic grass fed meats and eggs,, (423) 965-3334, CSA Pet cow-shares

Fairview, TN, Williamson County, herd shares available for raw goat milk. Our happy, healthy goats are naturally raised and receive NO antibiotics or hormones. Shares available for half-gallon or gallon per week. For half-gallon shares: One time herd share fee of $35.00, then $25 per month boarding feed, you get half gallon per week. For gallon shares: One time herd share fee of $50, then $40/mo boarding fee, you get one gallon per week. Delivery to Franklin and Bellevue may be a possible for an additional charge. Free delivery in Fairview. Woodard Dairy, Jamie and Wes Woodard, please contact us for more information: , 615-512-3557


* Mascot, TN, Morel Bliss, Green Chin Farm, Soy/GMO-free Pastured Freedom Ranger Chicken, the Freedom Ranger chicken is a slow-growing meat chicken developed by the French for their strict Label Rouge program, which emphasizes raising chickens on pasture in a humane manner to produce a more flavorful and higher-quality meat. They act and taste like a real chicken should! And you will not find this chicken in any local grocery stores – only direct from the farm! Our chickens eat A LOT of grass and bugs and are moved to fresh pasture twice/day. We supplement their pasture-diet with a freshly-milled, mostly locally and organically grown whole grain feed of peas, organic corn, wheat and oats – NO SOY or GMO’s! For trace minerals (and for a more nutrient-dense meat), we add Poultry Nutribalancer, Organic Alfalfa meal, Fish meal, Diamond V yeast, and Aragonite. We also soak/sprout/ferment their feed daily in raw milk and cheese whey! We process our chickens humanely and cleanly here on the farm. Most farms truck their chickens to KY, which is very stressful for the chickens and can affect the quality of the meat. Most chickens average about 4.5lbs. We package them whole in freezer-safe shrink bags and deliver them fresh to you in Knoxville the same day they are processed – doesn’t get any fresher than that! The cost of the chickens is $5/lb. We can save the feet and organs (heart and liver) from your chicken(s) for you, as well – no extra charge. Delivery into Brentwood, a couple of times a year. Contact Morel Bliss at 1 (865) 933-0855, or email and also see them on facebook at .


* Franklin, TN, Dr. Thomas Lokensgard, DDS, NMD, is passionate about the Weston A. Price Foundation and its mission, and he brings a naturopathic, holistic understanding to dental care. His practice has an integrative approach to dentistry that understands the connection between Silent Inflammation and chronic degenerative disease,it is a mercury-free and mercury-safe clinic located in historical downtown Franklin, Tennessee. To learn more, visit Dr. Lokensgard’s website at, or give them a call today at 615-567-6468.

* Columbia, TN, Total Wellness, Jennifer Maxey, ND, QRA Certified, 506 N. Garden St, Columbia, TN 38401, Contact her at (931)-490-0606.

* Franklin, TN, Ed Mikrut, Health and Wellness Solutions, we implement ZYTO Technology — this technology can literally ask your body what is wrong with it, and what it needs to be well. No guesswork, no referrals to specialists, no expensive and uncomfortable diagnostic tests. Health and Wellness Solutions offers natural remedies as an alternative to often costly and immunity-hindering pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible. Visit Ed’s website at, or give him a call today at 615-593-1855, located at 1101 Spencer Creek Pass, Franklin, Tn 37069.


An author, speaker, and health copywriter, Shawn Dady is also the president of Tennesseans For Raw Milk and the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a consultant and nationwide influencer for people on health and wellness issues and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.