Farms located in very Southern Mid-TN

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*  Alabama/TN border, Jean Cairns, grass fed meats and raw cow milk,, may do cow-shares, 931 468-2819, at the moment the milk is FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

*  Westpoint, TN, Justin Sanders, (1 hour south of Ethridge–2 hours from Nashville) organic grass fed meats and eggs,,, (888) 218-9226, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY

*  Taft, TN, Lincoln County, Fred & Julia Alcorn, raw grassfed, Jersey cow milk with herd share. We pool families together in several area’s for pickup. From I-65 we are 15 miles southeast from exit 14 toward Coldwater/Fayetteville, I’m about 45 miles from Springhill area, we are about 14 miles from exit 1 at Ardmore, Tn, and 28 miles north of Huntsville. We also have grass or grain fed beef and pork as well as butter, Kefir, cream, etc. Contact us: home 931-425-6878,

*  Lutts: Your own farm fresh milk from your own healthy, humanely pastured cow in south middle Tennessee. They board for you, milk for you, perform all medical/ health routines, test your milk and bottle it in your clean glass container. Raw milk must be picked up on appointed day. One Jersey (Abby), one Guernsey (Molly), and one Holstein x Jersey (Bessie) to share in. In compliance with laws in the state of Tennessee and guided by ethical standards in care, please call for information M. Pimentel (931) 724-4369 or email,

*  Saltillo: H & H Dairy Goat Farms, Joe & Joan hehe, Doug & Amy Holder, , raw goats milk with goat milk share agreement, $6.00 for the labor per gallon

*  Waynesboro, TN, Bonnie Blue Farm, Gayle Tanner, offering herd shares for raw goat and cow milk, we are south of Waynesboro; 45 min. north of Florence, AL in Wayne Co. To the west is Savannah and east is Lawrenceburg. In addition to raw goat and cow milk, we also offer free range eggs, rabbits, raw milk aged cheeses or pasteurized fresh cheeses, go to to see the places we deliver in Memphis and Chattanooga, contact us at 931 722-GOAT(4628) or email

*  Deer Lodge, TN, West Wind Farms–certified organic farm,, licensed by the TDA for 5 years, Kim Cole delivers to many Farmer’s Markets, including Franklin, Nashville, Memphis, M’boro, Knoxville and Chattanooga, they have raw cow milk–all A2, as well as goat milk, certified organic grass fed meats and eggs,, (423) 965-3334, CSA Pet cow-shares


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