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*   Knoxville, TN, Marcie McBee,, 865-919-7098, right now we are milking 14 Brown Swiss and Brown Swiss Crosses. We have about 90 shares sold in our herd at this moment and will take on about 90 more before we close the herd agreements,
–If you pick up at the farm you have to pick a day that we will drop the milk, you do not have to pick it up right then but it will go into the fridge that day. –We also drop five days a week at various places
–Chapman Hwy at Rug Rats on Wend by 4 (there is a fridge their and you can get it anytime after the drop during their hours
–Cedar Bluff Shopping Center Tuesday at 2 or Fridays at 2:45
–Norris Clinton, Clinton Animal Vet Thursday at 4
–Jefferson City, Mega View Baptist Church Thursday at 9,
–Middle Brook Pike, Park West Church of God Monday 9-4
What are the costs?
To purchase a share in a cow (one share is equivalent to one gallon of milk a week) you pay $20. This is a one-time cost. In addition to the initial charge you need to purchase ½ gallon mason jars to store your milk in. You will need enough jars to trade when you pick milk up. After the above one-time costs, there is a boarding fee that goes to the Dairy Farm of $25 per share per month: that continues for as long as you own your share.
You can think of it this way if you like, although you are not purchasing the milk: after you purchase your share(s) in the cow, the price of milk is about $5.77 a gallon. Compare this to the price of Horizon organic milk at $7 a gallon and Horizon milk is ultra pasteurized!

* Chesnut Hill, TN, Sean and Rita Eakin,, 865-356-4092, Promise Land Farm located in the Chestnut Hill area of east TN. We are located just off Interstate 40 exit 432, hwy 411, and hwy 25/70. We are 20 minutes east of Sevierville, 20 minutes south of Dandridge, 30 minutes west of Morristown, 5 minutes from Newport, and 1 hour east of Knoxville. We have cowshares available for raw cow milk and also raw goat milk seasonally. We are milking two Jerseys and also have a Jersey cross heifer. We have saanan nubian cross milking does. We hand milk and all animals are on pasture year round. They are fed hay in the winter and a small amount of grain, beet pulp and alfalfa to keep them happy while milking. Cowshares are a $20 one time, non-refundable fee. This buys a share of the cow and the weekly labor fee is $7 per gallon of milk per week. Share price is forfeited if you drop out of the program. Labor fee for goat milk is $3 per quart. We do not give our animals hormones and all milk is antibiotic free. We offer eggs when chickens are laying enough. We also have a CSA (garden share) program in the late spring, summer, and early fall. One share is a half-bushel basket FULL of a variety of organically grown produce per week currently at $25 per week. This program is very popular and we have a limited number of baskets available. Call Rita at 865-356-4092 or email at

*  Madisonville, TN (VERY East TN–all the way), Karen Green,, I live in East Tennessee and my husband and I own a herd of French Alpines Goats. We use our milk for home purposes. I also sell it as pet milk, and tell them that whatever they do with it is their business. I believe that raw milk is the best for everyone. It should be legal here in Tennesse, but only through milk shares and pet food.  We are trying to live more off the land and having our on livestock and our own milk is essential in helping us to be more efficient. You may visit my wesite at:  This will let you know more about me and my husband,  FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY

*  Powell, TN, Jon Treffert, organic grass fed sheep’s milk, possibly raw sheep’s milk in season,,  FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY, just north of Knoxville, less than 10 minutes from exit 112 on I-75, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY

*  Dandridge, TN, 35 miles east of Knoxville, David E. Raybon & Donna R. Myers-Raybon, grassfed raw cow and goat milk, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.  Safehaven Nubians, American & Purebred ADGA Nubians since 1991, 1101 Sager Road (Just off of Interstate 40 at exit 417), Dandridge, Tennessee 37725. Phone: (865)-475-0919, email: . They have been milking, making and consuming raw dairy products (yogurt, kefir, butter, buttermilk, ghee, mozzarella, feta, cottage, chevre, St. Maure, ricotta, etc…) for about fifteen years. Their livestock is on pasture 24/7/365 with some grain fed on the milk stand. They milk by hand and strain into wide mouth half gallon jars and into an ice water bath. It goes from 103*F to just above 32*F in a matter of minutes. The year is winding down and they will dry up the does in mid November, but they still have some milk available. They will be freshening about 16 aged Nubian does in mid January with about that many more first fresheners to follow in early April, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY

*  Hampton, TN, east of Knoxville, close to Kingsport, Mike and Bonnie Malone, pastured raw goat milk,, 423-725-2051, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

*  Chuckey, TN, Nathan Kimery,, NGK Farms, 509 Barren Valley rd, (423) 257-3724, pastured raw goat milk,  They have a heard of milk goats milked twice daily. They also have alpines, nubians and saanen. Products are milk for pet bottle calfs or orphan animals. You also can freeze milk to make last Longer. FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

*  Blaine, TN, Sherry Byington,, grassfed Jersey raw milk, also Tamworth pork,  the farm is just outside of the Knox Co. line, 30 mins. away from Seiverville, basically between Knoxville and Seiverville, cell 865-257-8619, about an hour from Nashville.” FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY

*  Ten Mile, TN, Dave & Verlinda Waters,, raw grassfed Jersey cow milk,, about 40 minutes from the Hoffman Farm (see above) due west on 68….an hour or so south of Knoxville, 1.5 hours north of Chattanooga, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY

*    Eddie and Elizabeth Smith, raw goat’s milk, (very southeast of Nashville) 1 hour south of Chattanooga,, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

*  Lancing: Echo Valley Farm, Suzanne Thompson 865-399-8320 Lancing, TN. Delivering to Knoxville. Fresh Raw Jersey Milk by Herd Share and Herd Share Boarding Agreement. Your very own fresh raw milk from your Healthy, Happy, Humanely cared for and pastured cow. They board for you, milk for you, perform all health routines, test your milk and bottle it in your clean glass container. Milking is performed using a closed system with inline filtration (Filtered, NOT Pasteurized), the entire system is pulled apart and sanitized using a closed system after each milking then held there to ensure the milking equipment is kept clean when it’s not in use. Ellsie’s udders are kept well groomed (along with the rest of her) and teats are triple washed just prior to milking. This system along with proper nutrition, the cleanest living conditions, wide open, abundant green pastures and lots love offers you the cleanest and highest quality milk. Happy cows really do make the best milk! Two deliveries to West Knoxville per week, your raw milk must be picked up on a specified day. They are currently milking one Jersey (Ellsie) to purchase shares in. They are also currently adding to their herd. It’s Love in a Jug! Please email or call Suzanne Thompson 865-399-8320 for more information.

*  Knoxville:French Broad Farm, Earl Cruze: Phone 865 363 2366, Knoxville, TN. Jersey cow raw milk shares and boarding agreements are now being offered. Their Jersey cows are pastured year round on chemical free pastures. They receive no hormones. Their milk is antibiotic free. You may pick up milk at the farm on Friday or Saturday, or they will meet you on Saturday at a Lovell Rd. location and the Three Rivers Food COOP on Central Avenue in  Knoxville. Call Earl for more information. Cow shares must be signed in compliance with Tennessee law. For additional information check out the French Broad Farm Facebook page.

* Harriman, TN, 40 miles west of Knoxville. Matt Edwards, 865-285-9954, I have Jersey Cows that are hand milked and produce some of the best milk you will ever taste. Many people prefer the “old way” of hand milking so that machines are not necessary and you also can build a better relationship with the cow. They are on pasture and hay in the winter and receive only a little grain each day to keep their attention during milking. I do a cow share program. The share price is $50 and then $40 per month for a gallon of milk a week.


An author, speaker, and health copywriter, Shawn Dady is also the president of Tennesseans For Raw Milk and the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a consultant and nationwide influencer for people on health and wellness issues and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.