Farms located East of the Knoxville area

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*  Thorn Hill: The Hulls at 1751 War Creek Rd in Thorn Hill, TN ( Hwy 31 and War Creek area). They are milking 2 Jerseys and are getting about 8 gallons a day. They have enough to supply a few families (Pets) in our area. Pick up only, must supply jars, or pay a deposit on our jars. For more information contact by phone at (423) 733-9345 or email .

*  Mountain City: Ward Bros Farm, Bill Ward II, Phone: (423) 895-3517, Email: . Spring 2011 they will be offering Jersey cow shares. They use managed intensive grazing (MIG) to keep their beef cattle, sheep, and milk cows on the best forage possible. They supplement with organic minerals and use no hormones.

*  Johnson City: The Cows Are Out Farm for more information contact Amy Tilley-Tipton 423-929-2427 They offer antibiotic, hormone and chemical free Jersey milk. Butterfat included. Their cows are grass-fed and receive only natural feed when  on the milk stand. You can pick up at the farm or they have meeting areas in several cities. Cow share must be signed in compliance with Tennessee law. Call or e-mail for information and prices.


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