Farms located East and SE of Nashville, TN

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*  Murfreesboro, TN, Arden Ward, raw goat milk, offered through herd shares, these are spoiled-rotten, pampered, and very loved Oberhasi goats, they are known for their sweet and delicate tasting milk, highly sanitary farm, organically raised, contact Arden at, you can phone her but only after 5:00PM on weekdays or anytime on the weekends at 615-351-2690.

* Murfreesboro, TN, Allen’s Acres, Floyd and Alita Allen, My name is Alita Allen and my husband and I have some room on our cow share! We have a $20 cow share fee with $6 for labor per gallon paying upfront every month and a $3 jar deposit, our cows are grass fed and very well looked after. I also make butter, bread and cheese. I do drop offs in Lebanon, Mt Juliet and Murfreesboro. Anyone can email me and I will be happy to give them some more information,

*  Mt. Juliet, TN, Janet Turner, pastured raw goat milk but customer must come to farm, (northeast a little from Nashville) (615) 754-9388,, FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

* Gainesboro, TN, Larry and Cindy Horvatin, Chorval (herd name). Nubian, Nigerian and Mini Nubian goats. (931) 678-4240, . Raw milk to purchase FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY, pease bring your own container.

*   Lebanon, TN, Brian Harville, raw milk Jersey cow-shares, “we a small family farm that is offering shares for sale in our registered, purebred Jersey cows.   Milking labor fee will be $6 per gallon per week and for my labor you will receive 1 gallon of YOUR OWN wonderful, whole, fresh, raw milk.  For $7.50 we deliver your milk.  We are only 30 min. east of Nashville and 25 min. north of Murfreesboro. (2 miles off 840). We do use organic practices but are not certified.  The address is 1215 Oak Grove Road Lebanon Tn 37090. Our website is . We do look forward to hearing from you,”  delivers into Franklin, Nashville, and Murfreesboro,  For more info contact

*  Lebanon, TN, & Lenoir City: Hillpost Farms 1265 Old Rome Pike, Lebanon, TN 37087 & 3875 Buttermilk Rd. Lenoir City TN, 37771; D. L. Mase, (615) 476-4286; Cow, Jersey w/grass-genetics & humane cow/calf management; Grazing, alfalfa, minimal grain to maintain cow condition; no hormones or antibiotics with organic pest control; all milk collected with in-line filter. For more information visit their website at

*  Lebanon, TN, PASTURED EGGS, Glenn Edwards, We have several laying hens and are selling eggs from them. We sell these eggs for $2.50 per dozen. I had a few calls about soy free eggs, so I got some soy free laying feed custom made for me and have a young flock of chickens that I am feeding it to. They are beginning to lay and we are selling soy free eggs for $4.00 per dozen. If you hear of anyone needing soy free eggs please let them know about us. We also raise cattle, chickens, pigs, and a few goats. All of our animals are free-range, pastured, no hormones, no antibiotics. For more info contact, or call (615) 444-7315.

*  Rockvale, TN, McClain Dairy and Produce, Bobby McClain, Located in beautiful Rutherford Co. 40 miles southeast of Nashville off hwy. 99,  As of now we are milking 2 Jersey cows with more to come as business allows. We are aslo wanting to add some milk goats in the near future. We also have fresh produce and can goods that was put up fresh from our garden. The milking and caring of the animals is nothing new to us as we have over 50 yrs. experience in dairy and farming.  The cows are on pasture and alfalfa hay with grain during the milking process to keep them happy and producing a good quality of milk high in butter fat. We plan on adding butter, cheese and yogurt to our share programs.
Cost:  50.00 one time share buy in.
$6.00 for labor per gallon if you pick up your cow’s milk at farm or at specified location in Murfreesboro
$7.00 for labor per gallon if delivered into Nashville or Franklin
Possible delivery to other areas as business allows.
For more info. Please contact:
Bobby 615-397-2722 (no text)
Michele 615-427-2721  text ok
Christy 615-210-8514   text ok
or e-mail tobymax3388@gma

* Smithville, TN, Harmony Lane Goats,, 615-983-0140, Mark and Julie David have 60 ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) registered dairy goats; Alpines, Saanens, Toggenburgs and  LaManchas. They have a lovely barn, milking parlor, cheese room and soap room in the works, they plan to become a licensed Grade A cheese dairy. On 44 acres east of Nashville, their farm has array of abundant foliage that the goats love to browse on, including blackberry fence rows in the back of the property, they drink from the natural spring and this helps to produce better milk and an all around healthier goat. They offer raw goat milk herd shares, as well as raw goat milk cheeses, and goat milk soaps. Give us a call today at 615-983-0140 or better yet, come visit!

*  Spencer, TN
, Fall Creek Farms, 931-946-2229 or email at Dana Bleasdale has been raising Alpine and Alpine Cross goats for over a decade, using the milk fresh and making a variety of cheeses. Recently started herd share, with deliveries weekly to Cookeville, Algood, Sparta, Chattanooga, and Fall Creek Falls. Milk is double strained, chilled, delivered in all glass containers. Looking to expand customer base especially in Chattanooga-Soddy Daisy-Dunlap area. The goats free range on brush/pasture, and are fed a supplement of alfalfa.

* Dunlap, TN, Steven and Lisa Fields, pastured raw goat milk,, my goats are well cared for and loved. I don’t use medicated feed, and avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I only immunize with a cdt vaccine for enterotoxemia and tetanus.I am about 45 minutes north west of Chattanooga. I actually live on Cagle Mountain about 25 mins. from Fall Creek Falls State Park, south-ish of there anyway. FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY, Home number 423-949-9294 cell 423-762-1286.

* Ooltewah, TN,
Hidden Hills Farm – close to Chattanooga, offering herd shares of pastured raw cow milk in our small Jersey & Holstein herd, the specifics about our operation are on our website, currently our share holders come to the farm once a week to pick up their milk but we are expanding to farmers markets where we already sell our sustainably grown produce, contact 423-987-3993, or email Mike at

McMinnville, TN, Integrity Nubians, Brenda Bell, 1208 Grizzell Lane, McMinnville, Tennessee 37110, email: , phone: (931) 657-2229 days; (931) 686-2045 nights, website: Raw Goat Milk.

*  McMinnville, TN, currently milking 2 cows, $8 per gallon – Please provide your own containers – They prefer glass but its up to you. For pet consumption. Contact Melissa at 931-939-5021 or email

*  Watertown, TN, Michelle Shrum, Butterfly-Morn Dairy Goats, 1580 Bell Rd., Watertown TN, close to Lebanon, Carthage, Auburntown, Centerville, Dowellton, Lancaster, (615) 772-3065, BUTTERFLYMORN2001@YAHOO.COM . Raw goat milk (Saanen and LaMancha), farm fresh eggs and occasional laying hens.

*  Deer Lodge, TN, West Wind Farms – certified organic farm,, licensed by the TDA for 5 years, Kim Cole delivers to many Farmer’s Markets, including Franklin, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga, they have raw cow milk–all A2, as well as goat milk, certified organic grass fed meats and eggs,, (423) 965-3334, CSA Pet cow-shares.


An author, speaker, and health copywriter, Shawn Dady is also the president of Tennesseans For Raw Milk and the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a consultant and nationwide influencer for people on health and wellness issues and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.