Everything You Wanted To Know About Dairy Farms

Everything You Wanted To Know About Dairy Farms
If there were no dairy farms then you would not be able to get milk. Kids would definitely be happy with the idea however, these animal breeding lands are important for a human being since milk is the main source of calcium and protein. Most of these farms are owned by family and some are operated by dairy industries. Although dairy farming is a thriving industry, you will see most of these farms on sale.

Types of cattle bred

Since all cattle breeds do not produce the same amount and quality of milk, so you will find most of these farms breeding the high-volume dairy cows. Some of the primary breeds of cows which are used in these places are Brown Swiss, Holstein, Milking Shorthorn, and Ayrshire.

How did dairy farms come into existence?

Although small scale dairy farms were in existence since ages, however, the large scale ones came into being until the late 1800s. In those days milking was done by hand. After the invention of the automated suction milk machine in the year 1878, these machines were used in the process of milking. In most modern farms, milk is pasteurized and produced into various dairy products on the premises itself.

Features of Dairy Industry

Dairy industry is considered as one of the most economical farming industry, since the entire land is utilized to house and feed cows. Crops like hay, corn, and alfalfa are mainly grown in a small section of the land, to feed the animal. On other parts of the farm you will find barns and milking parlors. To make the dairy industry successful the farmers make sure that the cows are regularly in the 12 to 16 months cycle of impregnation, pregnancy, lactating and the drying period before getting impregnated again.

Some Misconceptions

There are some misconceptions about drinking milk and having other milk products. Some of these include such ideas like consuming milk can lead to cancer and heart diseases. National Dairy Council is working upon discrediting all such similar misconceptions. It has been proven that having low-fat milk and other milk products can actually prevent certain types of cancer and heart diseases.

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