“everyone Has High” Brand Milk Products Trap “quality Gate” – Dairy Products,

“everyone Has High” Brand Milk Products Trap “quality Gate” – Dairy Products,
April 19 morning, Shaanxi Province, more than Xunyang Hundreds of school students drinking on campus provided by schools, “all high” brand milk products in varying degrees after nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and fever symptoms. After the incident, the local Education Departments immediately sent two students were treated in hospitals. At the same time, New Street, son of Mian County town of 93 students in three schools are drinking the same brand of food poisoning symptoms after breakfast milk. At present, the incident is under investigation processed.

Not drink milk after 1 hour
Xunyang Secretary for Education, said Kumamoto odd description, according to preliminary statistics, Chengguan for two 103 students fell ill after eating dairy products, Xunyang two in 15 students, in addition to a small Chengguan individual students, the students go to hospital about a total of 120. According to reports, around 8 o’clock in the morning the students had breakfast, about an hour later, students began to feel uncomfortable, there was a recurring dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms. After an initial diagnosis of poisoning by the School Doctor, will immediately report to the school leaders, and poisoning the students taken to hospital.

Milk are also bitter spicy taste
19 pm 1 pm, the reporter saw the sixth floor in the Xunyang medicine hospitals, nearly a hundred dressed Unity School uniforms filled the floor of primary school students in 12 wards, plus the child after another rushed to the hospital to visit the parents, the hospital corridor has been overcrowded. “We have just received notice before teachers arrived at the hospital, are not yet known, the child looks symptoms are not very heavy.” According to a surname, Liu’s parents say, his two small children, Chengguan Xunyang in the third grade. “Morning Milk Hard drinking death, there was a pungent smell, especially bitter. “It Chengguan for two students, and they drink milk provided by the school name is” everyone high “milk,” do not know specifically where the production, with white Package Red packaging and green packaging. “

Preliminary determination for the factory quality
“Really milk the day, we have tasted, is red and sore, the current surplus of milk has been health, business and Food Oversight seal up. “Education Xunyang Du Daoshi a responsible person.

Xunyang Education Du Chashi relevant person in charge said, the students consumed milk is unified through Education Tender By dedicated staff responsible for distribution of milk. From the packaging point of view, and not expired. According to local industry and commerce, quality inspection and preliminary investigations, “in milk” is April 12 by the Chencang District of Baoji City, “all high” Dairy products Our products, from the look and logo identity, look, not a counterfeit, expired food, the preliminary determination for the manufacturer of product quality.

Joint investigation team has been stationed manufacturer
4 11 o’clock the evening of 19, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Baoji, Baoji City Chencang Food and Drug Administration, Health Bureau, Agriculture Bureau and a number of units set up joint investigation team has been stationed in all high Shaanxi Dairy Limited investigation.

High, according to Dairy Co., Ltd. Shaanxi everyone a vice president named Liu said they learned that students at food poisoning incident, the companies had already went to school handle the incident, the company is a positive attitude now cooperating with the investigation, actively deal with the aftermath, ready to be sealed with the batch of milk. It is, at present they are Hanzhong, Ankang and Baoji three “Custard project” supplier of dairy products, is to undergo a rigorous open tender process was the successful. As to why the milk poisoning cases occurred, Liu Deputy surprised, had never had quality problems.

It is understood that all high Dairy Co., Ltd. Shaanxi is a private enterprise, is specialized to buy milk, liquid milk production, and sales of dairy enterprise, the enterprise has made the national industrial production permit, food health permits, and through the international quality management system certification.

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