Dr. Bill Locante, DDS

A Naturally-Minded Dental Surgeon

Dr. Bill Locante is a nationally-renowned implant dentist with a Dr. Ducante1primary practice in Dental Implantology. He has been at the forefront of dental implant science and innovation since 1988. Dr. Locante is a regular speaker abroad, and continues teaching dentists all over the world.

He is one of only a few implant dentists in the country who is trained to place ceramic implants. Since ceramic is a natural product, the placement requires special training for the procedure.

Why should you choose natural ceramic dental implants?

  • Allergies and Sensitivities Traditional dental implants are permanent and filled with titanium – many people don’t want metal permanently in their mouth, whether it’s because of allergies, metal-sensitivity, or other reasons.
  • This is the Latest and Best Technology Zirconia (ceramic) implants are the newest advancement in dental implantology.
  • Aesthetics – Zirconia implants are aesthetically more pleasing and natural-looking than any titanium implant.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.00.47 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.00.59 PMAll ceramic implants are hypo-allergenic. Titanium is used in traditional implants.  Sometimes titanium sensitivity shows up years after surgery.  Today, there’s a growing number of people who have allergies, skin sensitivities and compromised immune systems; therefore, metal devices may be contraindicated. Ceramic implants are very durable and strong, not to mention that they look very much like a real tooth, healthy and white.


Dr. Locante also does many extractions of infected teeth and root canal-treated teeth that have fractured or become infected.  His extraction technique is different in that he makes sure he removes ALL the infected tissue so the site can heal without further complications or “cavitations.” He also often uses a new technique called “PRF” or Platelet-Rich Fibrin to further increase the healing potential in the site.  This technique uses the patient’s own blood which is spun down to the PRF and placed in the site.


Dr. Locante, as a dental surgeon, works closely with Dr. Thomas Lokensgard, a dentist, and they refer patients to one another. Dr. Locante, as with Dr. Lokensgard is VERY much in support of Weston A. Price principles.


Dr. Locante is board certified as an implant dentist by the American Board of Oral Implantology, has been named a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, is a fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and is past president of the Southern District of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), of which he is a past trustee at the national level. Dr. Locante has also served on clinical advisory boards for major dental implant companies, helped develop new techniques and dental implants, and performed extensive research in bone cell and bio-protein healing mechanisms.


To learn more, call him today at 615-373-0888
Or visit his website at:  www.ImplantDentistNashville.com.


A few testimonials …

October 2, 2013
Faster, stronger—my bionic bite now like that of a six million dollar man. Thanks, Dr. Locante! But hey, don’t get too caught up in a 70’s slow-motion action sequence. This cool doctor is new millennium and cutting edge. Seriously, trust Dr. Locante’s many professional certifications. You will be the great benefactor of his progressive craft. And when he say’s “turn your head toward me, my friend,” you will indeed in that moment be in the hands of your best friend at the top of his game.
– My best, Troy A.


June 22, 2013
Dr. Locante and Staff,
WOW!!!!! this was the most amazing dental visit ever. Now I am home and the numbness is gone and I feel great. You are the best!
– Joyce


March 15, 2013
Dear Dr. Locante, Ora and Linda,
Where do I begin? The minute I walked through your door I knew the many prayers said on my behalf had been heard and answered. In August of 2008, I developed an infection in one of my anchor teeth on my upper six tooth bridge. For three years my general dentist, periodontist and endodontist tried to salvage my bridge. This bridge has been a big part of thousands and thousands of my smiles for over 15 years. I had received numerous compliments on my smile and I loved sharing my smile. After seeing a maxillofacial surgeon in Nashville, another at the University of Louisville Kentucky, another dentist in Paducah, Kentucky referred me to you. He told me he had been studying how to do implant surgery from Dr. William Locante and I should go meet you. My primary general dentist had told me I would know when I was where I needed to be and I found this statement to be true. As a registered nurse with 25 years surgical experience I knew I did not want to have bone graft taken from my hip if at all possible. You assured me you could replace my existing bridge with an implant supported bridge, and I would not have to have a piece of my hip removed for bone grafting. Therefore, I would not have to undergo general anesthesia. Equally amazing, I chose to have all this work done under oral sedation and would do so again. My biggest concern was I didn’t want to lose my smile. You guaranteed me I would keep my smile. Indeed, you kept your promise. Many hugs have been shared between my family with you and your wonderful staff/family. I understand why you go all over the world to share your gift. It is to give other people the opportunity to keep their smile and share it with others. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful staff/family.
With appreciation and smiles,
– Tina & Family



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