Different Uses Of Coconut Butter ? Delicious And Healthy

Different Uses Of Coconut Butter ? Delicious And Healthy



On opening the jar of coconut butter, you will have to heat the bottle in the warm water pan with a temperature not exceeding 110 degree F, so that the raw coconuts nutrients are well preserved. It will also warm nicely, when you use it for cooking and baking.

Blend it carefully to dispense some oil that has been separated and escaped to the surface, during the shipment. You should not refrigerate coconut butter.

The flesh of the coconut includes 65 % of pure coconut oil with a 76 degree F of melting point. This is the reason that the coconut butter is spreadable at a temperature above this point. So, when it is transported and on reaching your door steps it will probably have little oil alienated.

So never get alarmed, when you open a bottle and see pure oil in a solidified state on top. Just warm and stir it and then formulate various uses of coconut butter. Apply it on warm toast, hot cereal and works great in soups and sauces.

Coconut butter is a spread and not cooking oil and it will burn, if you apply it directly on the cooking pan or sauté with it. It is considered to be a great dairy replacement in all your baking recipes including margarine, regular butter or shortening.

It contains highly saturated fats and unlike butter there is no cholesterol as well as there is no trans fat like margarine. It has a typical raw flavor and one of the uses of coconut butter is in making butter cream frosting with some faint flavor of coconut.

Does coconut butter get rancid?

Coconut butter is made from tropical fruit and is nourishing and a healing skin agent. It consists of medium chains of fatty acids and is completely saturated. Therefore, it cannot be oxidized easily. It is stable and does not get spoilt. Rancidity of oil is caused due to free radical formation, which readily occurs in polyunsaturated fats that gets easily oxidized and get rancid once opened.

Benefits of coconut butter for health

One of the uses of coconut butter is to keep your skin from getting dehydrated. It feels and smells fine on the skin. Other diseases that are immunized by consuming coconut butter are:

Viruses like Herpes virus, measles virus
Bacteria like staphylococcus, streptococcus and listeria (that is the source of food poisoning).
Parasites or Protozoa causing gastroenteritis.

Coconut has the proven properties of being an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial agent that is also present in mother’s milk. Lauric acid found in the coconut butter toughens your immune system and protects you from diseases.


A few ideas related to different uses of coconut butter in your recipes

Drizzle it on top of sweet potatoes or roasted squash
Spread on pancakes
Apply it on top of roasted corn with salt and pepper
Prepare coconut bar snacks
Spread it on fresh sliced fruits like apples, bananas, pears or sprinkle it on fresh berries
Prepare coconut butter yummy cookies
Use it in making carrot cake pancakes

You can make use of coconut butter in many ways and you can gain testified benefits like weight loss from it.

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