Dairy “winter” Has Gone

Dairy “winter” Has Gone
Chinese New Year sales season approaching, the dairy market trend of further spread of price increases, price increases had said that the enterprises have not yet been considered in the pre-holiday travel Prices Ride.

Recently, Mengniu although more cautious tone, saying that the notice was not given uniform prices, but some said the supermarket had received notice Mengniu suppliers raise prices, fresh milk rose about 1%, milk at room temperature up 5%. Cost pressure on prices

season reminder 2009 end Bright Dairy prices have lead to some fine-tuning, the average increase of 1.8% to 3%, and the room temperature milk giant Mengniu and Erie Then not do anything. After that Nestle also announced that from 2010 New Year’s Day, part of the retail price of milk will rise from 5% to 10%. January 2010, manufacturers began to have spread throughout the dairy price hike news.

In the Southwest market, the balance of fresh and ambient temperature of 10 Milk Increases in retail prices, or about 10%; in the East China market, milk prices up about two percent; in the Northeast market, Wanda, Black Milk and Flying crane And other famous enterprises increasingly clear that the momentum of indirect price adjustment, promotion significantly reduced the capacity of some brands began to shrink.

National dairy industry, Dairy Technology System Economic Research data show that in October last year after entering Dairy Peak season, local market demand, marketing efforts have also been reduced; on the other hand, with gradually lower the temperature, seasonal cut milk production. The fourth quarter of each year Dairy products Enterprises must scramble for milk, raw milk prices continued to rise each year is bound to happen. In addition, rising oil prices caused by increased logistics costs and “time after the melamine,” the increase in marketing costs and other reasons, also dairy profit margins further compression. Recovery group had warm winters

Dairy Industry analysis, so far, the development of the dairy industry and market conditions have been restored to more than 90%, of which Pakistan’s milk market had fully recovered and even gained more than 15% market growth in full year 2009 total output will reach 36.5 million tons of milk, dairy industry recovery condition than expected. According to China’s dairy economy

Monthly data show that in January 2009 to 11 months of above-scale dairy enterprises realized sales income of 145.676 billion yuan, up 13.57%, 104.51% total profit increase , to 8.236 billion yuan; in 816 dairy enterprises above designated size, there are 179 loss of 21.94% of the total number of enterprises, and in January ~ August last year compared to 17 less loss-making enterprises, and the total loss of loss-making enterprises dropped 38.31 percent year on year, indicating a substantial improvement in operating the entire industry, dairy industry, “winter” has been gradually going. It is reported that, Yili, Mengniu, Guangming and other leading companies were profitable in 2009 than in early planning targets.

Also view, after spending the Spring Festival season will once again come into the dairy industry may once again low. However, more intense sound promising, in Zhang Yan, director of investment consultancy Lin pointed out that the consumer has become the main force of China’s economic growth, consumption growth in 2010 is still favored. With the country’s macroeconomic situation improves and the expansion of consumption continue, the dairy industry will continue to maintain sales booming development trend.

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