Dairy Products Dairy Drink Bad Teacher Evaluation Have Difficulty – Dairy Products, Dairy Evaluation

Dairy Products Dairy Drink Bad Teacher Evaluation Have Difficulty – Dairy Products, Dairy Evaluation
Visits to new career The day, because the stomach is Dairy products “Fill”, and coupled with too many kinds of fragrant smell, do not eat a meal at home. Sensory evaluation of any instrument can not be replaced, they “dare not eat spicy, too greasy food, Alcohol and tobacco James also less. “

5 beaker lined up in front and put on a cup of milky taste, each cup of milk added to taste different types Essence . Put that taste a cup, say experience, note the following adjustments need to do … …

Yesterday afternoon, Wen River 1 Dairy Enterprise, creamy and sweet glowing very quiet laboratory, dairy division nectar is to concentrate on work evaluation.

Evaluation division Dairy milk is the nectar tastes Road work
Dairy evaluation division, in November 2007 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security announced a new job, but so far still very small number of employees, journalists visited a large dairy enterprises in Chengdu, only five related practitioners, who also responsible for a series of R & D work.

As of early 2008, China’s dairy certified teacher evaluation, only 100 people, while the dairy company total demand for such personnel is about three to 40 000. Tasting like a promotion event

layers Nectar is a dairy enterprise in Chengdu R & D and QC department head of dairy work evaluation is indispensable link.

Since 1993, she entered this line is now “read numerous dairy products,” every judge should be dedicated, a lot of concentration.

Product to be upgraded Raw material Done with adjustments for spices suppliers, and processing technology has changed … … In addition to the daily work of different sectors of the evaluation, the nectar and her team, the above is a field of the College Entrance Examination of these nodes.

To the R & D Walnut Peanut The process of milk, for example, “conducting research and development, the heart will have a bar of expectations, the process of tasting is to determine the semi-tone out how far from ideal.” Semi-finished products with a variety of different proportion of the beaker was placed, the evaluation division 11 sample, selected the appropriate feel, and then the next phase of the process, such as adding flavor and so on, the sense line with expectations, and to re-enter the next process “layers evaluation, as promotion race.”

Nectar, this time of the day, five beakers in the dairy did not know how many times to try again, because the stomach has been “filled”, and together heard too many kinds of fragrance, home do not eat the rice.

Not only sense but also explain in words
From a physiological point of view, the more young people more sensitive to a variety of senses, but the value of the relative lack of experience, “is the main performance, experience a wealth of character values were not out, unable to speak.”

Nectar have seen younger employees to do evaluation, “asked him how, he said, but good, but could not tell what was good, but also determine what needs to be done not out of adjustment.”

Evaluation of experienced teachers, not only can taste the difference, but also come out with a specific language, “for example I want the sweetness of ripe strawberry type, said when the expression of this flavor is not the kind you want If not, what would? may be young strawberry flavor, you could make it taste like peaches, must speak out. “

Evaluation of what teachers feel is necessary to accurately and specifically expressed, “not only know how to sense, but also explain in words.” Only in this way, researchers can be judged to be adjusted.

Therefore, the most basic requirement is that the first should be more sensitive to taste than ordinary systems, the second is to have enough life experience, the third need extensive experience.

Mouth, nose, tongue is the key “combat arms”
Dairy evaluation division of the most important combat weapon is their mouth, nose and tongue.
Although as sour, sweet, viscosity of these are specialized test equipment to quantify the index test, but the sensory evaluation of any instrument can not be replaced. Normally, nectar they will very consciously protect their own “battle weapons.”

“Can not eat spicy, too greasy food, alcohol and tobacco is and you can not stick”, in particular, need to carefully guard against cold and unfortunately the trick, we can only avoid this time of the evaluation of dairy products. Otherwise, mouth odor, on the dairy judging will be abnormal.

Particularly sensitive because the taste system, in the tea, coffee and other aspects of the judge, the nectar, there are many original views, often have friends to mention something to listen to her judge: try how you like?

At home, nectar is even more authority, and the child will say, “Mom feel but good, they will drink.”

Strong sense of accomplishment in this occupation. This is the nectar they are so willing to “dedicate” their mouth, nose, tongue of power: to each dairy are as works of art services for the majority of tastes. Photo journalist Liu Chunmei Liu Chenping

Tips Pure Milk Better than the more aromatic
Manna reminded the public to buy milk, we should not blindly infatuated with “Shannon”, the more natural the better.

Real fresh milk, not so very thick incense is very strong, the contrary is a light, fresh flavor.

Mannan said that it is through dairy products with raw materials, process improvements, adding flavor and so many minutes was the way Hong, it is still the more natural the better. Second, people choose according to personal taste, but also to do more, try to choose brands.

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