Dairy in My Eyes

Dairy in My Eyes

Last Sunday I was having a conversation with a friend about the benefits of eating raw, and as I rambled on, I started to say that when you wake up in the morning on a raw diet, you don’t have those crispy, mucus-y, pus-like things (sleep) in your eyes. As I said this, I realized I had just said it for saying it sake because I had heard this from other people’s raw food testimonies.

What’s strange is that as I later reflected on what I said to him, I realized it was indeed true. For about two years now, I’ve noticed that upon waking up in the mornings, I no longer have ‘sleep’ in my eye and I’m 100% sure that this is because of my predominantly raw diet. The equation is simple: I no longer eat dairy products therefore I no longer have “dairy” in my eyes! The reason I had dairy in my eyes in the first place was because I ate dairy products, and my body was trying to flush it out any which way it could so every morning without fail I would have dairy in my eyes, nose and throat.

This next bit might make you a bit uncomfortable so you might want to skip this paragraph! But here goes: if you really think about it, what does snot and phlegm most resemble? Would you not say its characteristics and color are uncannily similar to heated cheese, curdled milk, and maybe even custard? Here’s the science if you’re still reading! The body naturally tries to eliminate the things we put in that are poisonous or nutritionally invaluable to it. So, if you’ve got dairy in your eyes, then it’s because you’ve got dairy in your diet, and if your body’s trying to get rid of it, then maybe your body doesn’t need it.

The great thing about being a raw chef is that I know how to get the same taste and nutrients from nature. So yes, I still drink milk, but no I don’t have dairy; yes I still have ‘cheese’, but still no dairy; and YES I do have calcium in large supply! My question to you is this: do you have dairy in your eye? If so, what are you going to do about it?

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