Cow Plush Toy

Cow Plush Toy
A cow plush toy is such a non-threatening stuffed animal that it makes it a very popular one, especially amongst young children. With their pleasant face and soft squishy body, a cow plush toy makes it easy to fall instantly in love.

Who would have ever thought that if a cow was given a name, it would produce more milk than if it had no name at all. According to scientists at Newcastle University, cows that are given a name and are treated as individuals, will actually increase milk production by up to 500 pints per year or an additional 1,000 cups.

Newcastle University conducted a study in which they looked at the attitudes of farmers toward their cows and how the cows could or could not be influenced to increase their overall milk production. 516 United Kingdom dairy farmers were interviewed for the study on how they believed a human being was able to influence a dairy cows behavior, welfare, and overall productivity. 46 percent of the farmers questioned said their cows were all called by name which resulted in 68 more gallons of milk produced by their cows as compared to farmers’ cows that did not have names. 66 percent of farmers said they knew all the cows in the herd, while 48 percent all agreed that the better the cows were treated in terms of positive human contact, the likelyhood of a cow with a good milking temperament went way up. 10 percent of the farmers said that when cows had a fear of humans, their milk production was poor.

Dr. Douglas, from the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development at Newcastle University, said that the data suggested that UK farmers saw their cows had intelligence and could experience a myriad of emotions. With no extra cost to the farmer, just by treating each individual cow with importance and calling each one by name, a significant increase in milk production was the end result.

Dr. Douglas is of the belief that much the same way humans respond better when given the personal touch, cows also feel the same way with one on one attention, they are much more relaxed and happy. Ultimately, the studies results showed what many caring farmers already believed: as the cow grows up and gains a better perception of humans because of the importance that was bestowed upon her by calling her by name and interacting with her more frequently, she would go on to produce more milk than she would if she had been ignored.

Just as UK farmers treat their dairy cows, so should you went it comes to your cow plush toy; ensure your cow plush toy is given a name and treated with lots of love and care the end result will only be a positive one.

Angeline Hope is a collector of large plush stuffed animals. You can view a selection of large plush stuffed animals including plush cow stuffed animals at MyBigPlush.