Cow colostrum: a boon to mankind

Cow colostrum: a boon to mankind

Everyone hates to spend their valuable time waiting at the doctor’s office or taking care of sick. So everyone desires to have some natural protection and remedy for their ailments. Advancement of medical science has proved that Colostrum helps to improve your health naturally by accelerating the growth factors. Colostrum is a natural source comprising of all essential components for immunity formation, support and the restoration of a weakened immune system. Colostrum is said to be the initial milk like material produced by mammals within 48-72 hours after the birth of their young ones. This milk offers life boosting immunity and growth factors which help to ensure good health and energy for the new born. All mammalian mothers produce colostrum milk for a short period of time but cow colostrum is the most beneficial among them.

You will be glad to know that researchers have proved that consuming colostrum regularly throughout your lives can provide you with health benefits and help you to replenish your growth factor. Cows are 98% genetically similar to human, so their colostrum milk contains the same types of ingredients as human colostrum and hence can be utilised in several ways to restore the body in more natural state. This first milk of cow is enriched with immunoglobulins which are specified types of proteins involved in promotion of immune system and help to fight against the germs and antigens. This cow colostrum milk also comprises of various growth factors, nucleosides, cytokines, oligosaccharides, antimicrobial agents which are not found in regular milk.

Along with various growth factors bovine also comprises of several immune factors such as IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM as well as specific immunity to diseases acquired by the mother that are transferable to other mammals.. It is very beneficial for athletes as it helps to retains energy in their body. It also helps in prevention from common cold and upper respiratory infection, HIV treatment, Arthritis, allergies, anti ageing, brain functioning, chronic fatigue, digestive disorder, nose bleeds, prostrate, Ulcers, acid reflux, Pet benefits and much more.

Nowadays with the increasing demand of Cow colostrum many pharmaceutical companies have come up with Colostrum tablets to offer you with the best health supplement for your body. These companies ensure the easy availability of colostrum for people. As the best source of colostrum comes from healthy meadow hence it is very crucial for you to be aware that the raw material is not blended with some other components to compensate with the product. In fact the best colostrum is obtained from the cows that reside in natural environment and are kept away from hormones, pesticides and antibiotics.

Bovine colostrum or Cow colostrum have many advantages over normal milk .So if you are seeking for healthy life with a strong immune response than the cow colostrum offer you the defense mechanism against many diseases and promises you a healthy way of life.

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