Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Was A Modern Dairy Farming Scale – Tdm Over Ethernet Manufacturer

Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Was A Modern Dairy Farming Scale – Tdm Over Ethernet Manufacturer
Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang since the second half of Xinjiang took the lead in the establishment of a home to “prop up cattle,” dairy farming district, the large number of backyard farmers to dairy cows to “prop up cattle,” An An Xinxin themselves to engage in other farming family on , to “prop up cattle,” so that farmers worry they both made money.
The past two years, the domestic dairy industry have settled in well-known Changji, combined with state of wheat Fun Fall, Spring and other leading enterprises in the Western Regions have been expanding day processing of fresh milk has reached the design capacity of 1,200 tons. Backyard farmers due to poor milking conditions, no mechanical milking equipment, the majority reach the quality requirements of enterprises have been rejected.
To solve this problem, Changji and other related departments in-depth organizational livestock enterprises and farmers in the survey, careful study countermeasures, and the organization of more than 60 farmers and milk dealers to Inner Mongolia and Qingdao, and other places to study or to the “prop up cattle,” that is, the results of this study. To “prop up cattle” to take the project financial support, self-financing, bank loans, settlement funding, start-up to the fish farmers were sent to “prop up support” of cattle “unified management, unified feed, unified prevention, unified breeding, unified milking, uniform sales, human and animal separation “of the” six sub-unified “management and establish a milking, storage and transportation safe operation mode. Last year in August, there are two “prop up cattle,” began functioning in February of this year, all states have set up 65 “prop up cattle.” Coupled with cow breeding and dairy farming district co-operatives, a total of 110, of which the size of 1000 there were 7, 500-scale there were 18 dairy companies competed to purchase it to “prop up cattle,” the milk, purchase price from the same period last year increased by 1.8 yuan per kg to the present from 3 to 3.5 yuan.
In Changji City Sea Cooperative child care Australia breeding 50 head of cattle raised to reporters Zheng Kexiang calculations: the average daily per cow milk production 20 kg according to the calculation, 50 head of cattle a day 1,000 kg milk per kg purchase price by additional dollar count, one year to increase revenue more than 35,000 yuan. Changji City “Emerging prop cattle” in October last year, opened in February of this year, already has nearly 5 million of revenue.
Changji Prefecture Animal Husbandry Secretary Wen Xi-bin told reporters that the high starting point, large-scale, high standard of the emergence of a new model dairy cow breeding and promoting dairy farming to large-scale, standardized, intensive direction, giving farmers and herdsmen has brought huge benefits .

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