Australian Dairy Technology Brief 1

Australian Dairy Technology Brief 1

Dairy Australia is well-known power products and technologies are at the forefront in the international arena. World War II. Australia’s dairy technology has been rapid development. The signs of change is from the butter and skimmed milk products such as attention to the primary processing of milk protein products with high added value conversion. The following eight aspects of Australia’s dairy development in miniature.

 1. The original development of milk collection system

 After 1940, Western Australia began to try to save the fresh milk cooling milk tank, it reduces transportation costs while also improving the quality of milk. Cooling began in 1949 can apply to the sale and storage of sterilized milk, the 1957 farms in Victoria began to use cold water on the insulation of organized milk tank for cooling and to ensure quality. This means cold water cooling in the short-distance transport can achieve satisfactory results, but long-distance transport on a clear need to improve the cooling technology. September 24, 1957 in the Strathmerton area of government meeting decided to use financial incentives to farmers with cooling tank, 1963-between 1964, Strathmerton to full implementation of the factories processing milk by refrigeration. Cooling treatment significantly controlled the growth of microorganisms in milk, which greatly improved the quality of milk supply. These measures also reduce the cost of milk processing.

 2. Drying Technology

 20 years of the 20th century drum drying is used skim milk and butter manufacturing, but due to local overheating on the drum caused by powder products produced pills only to discover, so that such products are not satisfactory. Limits its wide application. Spray drying technology in Australia in World War II, before the late 40s except for some special things the food industry. Almost see products with the drum drying up. Spray drying has the characteristics of versatility and flexibility, usually used for milk powder, whey powder, buttermilk powder and cheese powder in the production, even butter powder.

 3. Cheese and processed cheese development

 3.1 Cheese production mechanization

 Mechanized cheese production first began in World War II, due to labor shortages, then the state of Victoria I. E. Sharkey in 1941, designed the installation of a vibrating screen to carry out the separation of cheese whey clot, and later this method is widely used to promote the mechanization of cheese production. But in the post-war Depression years of such a system does not continue to develop. Until the mid-20th century, 50 (Australia), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Dairy Research Center laboratory of T. Czulak leadership team began to Cheddar cheese in the Cheddar-based processing, grinding and crushing equipment, salinization, and research into the mold when it is re-developed. One of the core technology in the 60’s by the Australian engineering equipment for a Machines used in commercial equipment manufacturing. Solve the industrial production of equipment problems. But the reality. Cheddar cheese production is only part of the manufacturing equipment was a success. Large scale production at the time. Because cheddar complex process and design is also very difficult to achieve full and effective functioning of mechanization. To the 60’s, j. E. Sharkey at another plant through the process of clot on the Cheddar detailed study of the nature of the mechanical implementation of the Cheddar production. They use gravity feed system in the tower forming clot manipulation to meet product requirements texture. This system has the simple, effective and widely used. This is the world’s cheese production in Australia effective contribution.

 3.2 Changes of cheese varieties

 3.2.1 peeled cheese

 Australia started in 1949 dedicated to the work of peeling cheese. First time in 1951, appeared in the market by CryOVac (vacuum packaging) packaging products, in the next 1-2 years, the number of non-paper packaging products cheese came into being in 1957 installed the equipment rolling tray 8 ounces of natural Cheese independent sealed packaging, using this oxygen barrier packaging, transport and storage process can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, to ensure product quality.

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