Another Accolade For The Audi A1

Another Accolade For The Audi A1
When Audi released the A1 its first Supermini, car journalists and industry experts predicted it would take the premium supermini sector by storm, a few months on after its release and its now confirmed. The Audi A1 has really taken the automotive world by storm; it has already won many coveted awards and recently has been voted Best Small Hatchback by Parkers.

The Parkers’ New Car Awards are awarded based on the results of the ‘cost of motoring tool’, which visitors to the site can use to calculate the costs of buying and running a new or used car, taking in to account all of the costs such as servicing, showroom tax, fuel consumption and depreciation.

Commenting on the award, Parkers Editor Kieren Puffett said, “The Audi A1 1.6 TDI SE brings big premium brand values at a price many car buyers can afford. The A1 is extremely well made and is a car that exudes classy sophistication. In terms of delivering ‘bang’ for your buck, the A1 comes with several efficient engines including the very frugal 1.6 TDI. Thanks to its official average fuel consumption of 70mpg and low CO2 emissions, road tax costs just 20 a year. Throw in low insurance costs and competitive servicing prices, and as an overall package, the Audi A1 1.6 TDI SE is the small hatchback that makes the car buyer’s cash go the furthest.”

Jeremy Hicks the Director of Audi UK, gracefully accepted this latest award and said, “This is already the A1’s fourth award of 2011, and it’s one we’re very proud of. The quality and desirability of the A1 TDI has already been well documented, but the Parkers cost of motoring tool highlights the fact that it’s an attractive ownership proposition on every level – it proves that the figures also stack up in its favour.”

Audi as a brand appears to be taking a different direction of late, for example it now produces more than one RS model at the same given time and the prototype of the Audi A3 in Plymouth looks very promising.

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