Almond Butter Crunch

Almond Butter Crunch

Almond Butter crunch is a traditional English chocolate item. They are also known as the “English Toffee”, though some chocolate enthusiasts think these two are slightly different chocolate desserts.

As the name suggests, Almond Butter crunch is obviously a kind of chocolate made primarily with almonds and butter. There are different kinds of recipe for this dish involving different level of complexity but all of them will undoubtedly require almonds, butter and chocolate.

Here is one most commonly used working recipe for Almond Butter crunch. To prepare it, you will need 2 cups or 1lb of real butter, one cup of granulated sugar, two table spoon of white corn syrup, twelve oz. of good quality semi-sweet chocolate, half cup water, one cup of sliced, toasted and chopped almonds and one cup of toasted blanched slivered almonds. You will also need cookie sheets, candy thermometer and other accessories.

Line a cookie sheet, the 10″ x 15″ ones will work just fine, with foil and grease with butter. Start with melting the butter on a saucepan. Now start adding sugar. Keep stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved in the butter. After that, add the syrup and the water. Cook for at least half an hour checking the temperature with the candy thermometer. When the temperature reaches 290 degrees, immediately take the pan off the stove. Stir the toasted blanched slivered almonds in it. Remember this caramel will harden pretty fast so you will have to be quick. Spread caramel with nuts on the cooking sheet using a spatula. Cool it down in room temperature.

In the meantime, prepare the chocolate. You can either melt it with a microwave or on a boiler. Spread the melted chocolate over the cold and hardened caramel crust. After that, coat the chocolate with half of the toasted and chopped nuts while the chocolate is still soft. Use a spatula to press the almonds lightly to the chocolate for the best result. Let the chocolate harden. Cover it carefully with some wax paper and flip the whole chocolate to the other side. Repeat the process, that is, spread chocolate and coat with nuts. After it hardens, break it down to pieces. There, you have your perfect delicious Almond Butter crunch treats.

It is best to store Almond Butter crunch in a refrigerator. They are perfect for any occasion. You can prepare them as a holiday treat, use them as a home cooked gift or simply serve them to your family or friends anytime you want. Everyone will love the different taste, texture and crunch of Almond Butter crunch.

You can also buy it if you do not want to go through all these steps. Most of the local bakery and candy stores should have some versions of Almond Butter crunch. You can even sell your own Almond Butter crunch if you are interested. So go ahead and give this desert a try, lost yourself in the magical combination of almond and chocolate.

Most of the local bakery and candy stores should have some versions of Almond Butter crunch. You can even sell your own almond chips if you are interested.