A1 Books- Spreading the light of knowledge

A1 Books- Spreading the light of knowledge

They say knowledge provides freedom. Books have been the major source of knowledge for centuries. A1 Books is an effort to make books easily available to the average Indian customer. The huge collection of books in all the categories makes them the number one online book supplier in India.

With categories ranging from medical, engineering, management, mathematics, computers, general subjects, life sciences etc., you will always find the books for your needs. A1 Books have business tie ups with all the leading Indian and foreign publications so as to provide a wide range of books to their customers.

The website, a1books.com, has a well defined category column and a search box which makes it very easy to search the books. As of now several Universities, colleges, national libraries, booksellers, scholars and students are regularly using their services.

A1 Books have invested in a high class research team that makes it a point to ascertain the requirements of typical Indian students in various academic streams. Thus the required books are brought into stock well in advance. One can easily get in touch with the A1 Books Customer Care team through phone, email or the online query form provided on the website.

There are many reasons that make A1 Books the most preferred online book supplier in India. The most important factor is that the books are always delivered on time in proper condition. This is so very important for students. The strong and secure packing ensures that the books remain in good condition.

There are several payment options to choose from. All payments related information is encrypted for maximum data protection. Payments can be done through credit and net banking. Ordering is done by filling a simple form. Payments can also be made in Dollars, Pounds and Euros in specific branches mentioned on the website.

Universities and libraries can issue bulk orders with post delivery payment options. The prices offered are inclusive of packaging and delivery charges. In case any of the books is damaged during delivery, a free replacement is provided.

A strong network of helpdesk executives ensures that any A1 Books Complaint is treated with the utmost priority. In case of inconvenience or any other issues customers can easily register a Complaint against A1 Books by mailing their issues or using the contact form provided on the website. Emphasis is given to the development of strong customer relationships which is the reason why all complaints are resolved within no time.

A1 Books are continuously increasing their business all throughout the country. Due to the instant availability of books, even those from foreign publications, several universities, college libraries and students have bestowed their trust upon them through repeated business. Their network continues to grow day by day.

For shopping through the website users have to create their own login accounts and search for books through the member’s area. It may happen that you may not need the ordered book. Even in such cases there is a policy to refund the customer. With quality services A1 books have become a favorite destination for all book seekers throughout India. Join today and get access to a worldwide source of knowledge.

I am writing on consumer rights and other relevant topics related to consumer welfare. I am handling a customer forum to get consumer complaints resolved. Many customer care centres do not respond like A1 Books Customer care